Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 826

Chapter 826 I Can Protect Her

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Yun Bilu did not know about Huang Yize’s identity. That was why she actually wanted to ask her elder sister and brother-in-law about this once they went back home.

Yun Bilu was restless and couldn’t sit still on the plane, so she kept poking Huang Yize so that he would talk to her. Pressing her face against the window, she said happily, “Huang Yize, when my elder sister fetched me home the first time, I was really happy. I didn’t go back for a long time back then because my elder sister wanted to protect me. Brother-in-law said that now I can come home whenever I like. No one will dare to touch the Yun family now!”

Huang Yize agreed with her words. He glanced at Yun Bilu and said, “Yeah. Next time, it will be safe for you to go wherever you want. Of course, you have to tell me first where you’re going.”

“Do you think you can protect me well?”

Hearing Yun Bilu’s questioning tone, Huang Yize’s mouth twitched. He remembered how Yun Bilu left in a hurry last year. Back then, the situation in Country E was still tense, and there was also a gag order. He never imagined that this girl would have an elder sister and brother-in-law that could let her leave Country E so effortlessly.

After that, he arranged for classes to be moved ahead of schedule, so she would come back earlier. However, he had no intention to let Yun Bilu know about this. If he were to tell her, she would bicker with him to no end.

Looking at Huang Yize, Yun Bilu was still curious about his identity. However, she recalled his words from earlier on and decided to keep her curiosity in check. She would only ask when he’s willing to tell her.

Finally, the plane arrived and landed in Ning An City. After getting off the plane, Yun Bilu jumped around excitedly as she exclaimed, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, we’re back! Hello, Ning An City! Hello, blue skies and fresh air! Everything feels good here.”

It was autumn, and since the buildings were scarce around the airport, the winds were very strong.

Bai Yaoyao got off the plane and stood there, feeling the cool breeze on her face. It instantly freshened her up and made her thoughts clear up in an instant. She felt that she was really back in Ning An City—far, far away from Country E. Finally, she was back in the land of her hometown.

Everyone had an inexplicable affection for home, especially after going through certain events when one feels depressed and pained. Going home would give the soul a sense of belonging.

Bai Yaoyao watched as Yun Bilu jumped around happily before her and smiled. It reminded her of her younger self when her youth was at its peak. She was so energetic and so full of life back then. Now, she was much calmer. Although she did not jump around and shout, she cupped her mouth with her hands and screamed out loud, “Ahhhhh! I’m home!”

Yun Bixue and Xie Limo were waiting at the airport. When they heard Bai Yaoyao’s shout, Yun Bixue grabbed Xie Limo’s arm and said excitedly, “Did you hear that? It’s Bilu and Yaoyao! They’re really back.”

Xie Limo hugged Yun Bixue’s waist. Seeing how she was jumping up and down in excitement, he could not help laughing at her. His wife was usually calm and gentle, so it was rare that she became so excited now.

He lowered his head and said in Yun Bixue’s ear, “My wife, in your eyes, they are more important to you than me.”

Yun Bixue hugged his waist in a swift yet gentle move. She pouted cutely and said, “Don’t forget that they’re here to help us with our wedding preparations.”

Xie Limo chuckled and caressed Yun Bixue’s hair. “I know. The young master of the Black Dragon Gang will be here too, so don’t get too excited and anxious, alright?”

“Yeah, I know.”

However, Xie Limo’s words fell on deaf ears. The moment the three girls met, they hugged each other and jumped and screamed together, totally forgetting themselves. The staff and passersby all looked at them like they were crazy.