Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 827

Chapter 827 The Domineering Aura Of The Two Men

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“Who are they? Those three girls look quite pretty, but why are they acting like fools?”

“Who knows? Looking at their craziness. I think they’re a little weird.”

“We will never understand the minds of women. Let’s just watch from afar!”

“One of them looks really familiar to me.”

“But I’m too far away and can’t see clearly. I should just mind my own business and not poke my nose into others’ affairs.”

The three girls were oblivious to the curious stares of passersby. They were still jumping and shouting excitedly.

“Oh my gosh! Sister, we meet again!”

“Bixue, this is wonderful! I’m so excited to see you again. You’re becoming more and more beautiful now.”

“Yaoyao, look at you! You’ve lost weight! I haven’t seen you in so long. I was so worried sick. Good thing I heard your voice that time and Bilu told me you were doing fine.”

“You’re going to be a stunning bride! You must be at your best and prettiest. With Bilu and me here, we’ll definitely make you the happiest and prettiest bride in the world.”

“I’m really happy to see both of you. I haven’t been this excited for so long!”

Looking at this exuberant exchange, Huang Yize sighed while rubbing his forehead, while Xie Limo could not help laughing at the girls. Earlier, the two men shook hands and walked alongside each other. It was an etiquette between men, and their eyes revealed the words they had to say to each other.

They smiled at each other, and Xie Limo was the first to speak. He raised his brows as he said, “My future younger brother-in-law?”

Huang Yize rubbed his nose. He was actually on par with Xie Limo, but because of this ‘younger brother-in-law’ label, he really had to acknowledge him as the ‘older brother-in-law’ next time. “Nice to meet you. I will be calling you older brother-in-law in future. Hopefully, that would not be too far away.”

A look of approval flashed in Xie Limo’s eyes. He was testing him on behalf of Bilu just now, and he was satisfied with Huang Yize’s reply.

This proved that Huang Yize was serious about Yun Bilu and that he was prepared to settle down with her. He knew that the Black Dragon Gang had a strong regard for honoring their word, and since Huang Yize was the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, the words he said were like a sacred decree.

As long as Huang Yize was determined to be with Yun Bilu, no obstacle would be too big for him to overcome. As long as Huang Yize was willing, he would definitely be capable of protecting Yun Bilu.

Xie Limo asked that question as the brother-in-law of his younger sister-in-law. His private intention was also not to let his wife worry too much about her younger sister.

At that moment, the two men stood side by side. Both of them sapped the magnificence of the world around them as an imposing aura emanated from their bodies. One was a drop-dead gorgeous man, while the other one was a cold man with a devilish charm. The chilling aura of a master-like dominance swept through the air, howling in the cold wind around them.

The presence of these two made the small Ning An City a significant place where two leaders of the world’s greatest forces had been brought together. They could really be said to be the Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon.

Nobody would have imagined that Young Master Xie’s low-profile wedding would actually have the young master of the Black Dragon Gang gracing the event. If they knew, all the big shots around the world would be racking their brains to send wedding gifts to fawn on them!

A few steps away from these two formidable men, the three girls were still chatting and laughing away. Seeing that the sky was about to turn dark, Xie Limo’s mouth twitched as he had no choice but to cut off the trio’s banter. “Grandfather will be worried if we don’t come back soon. You guys can continue catching up when we’re back home.”

Yun Bixue felt that there were so many things she wanted to say, but she had no choice. She had to cut off the conversation. She held the two girls’ hands and said cheerfully, “The three of us shall sleep together tonight.”

When Xie Limo heard that statement, a look of despondence flashed in his eyes. By the looks of it, he would most likely be sleeping alone tonight. He was used to his wife sleeping beside him, so he might have a hard time falling asleep if his bedside was going to be empty later.