Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 828

Chapter 828 Huang Yize Are You Nervous?

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Huang Yize was a man. Even though he was not experienced in lovemaking, he understood the implication behind Yun Bixue’s words. For a married man, not being able to sleep with his wife would surely be pure torture.

Huang Yize looked at Xie Limo sympathetically and chuckled lightly without saying a word.

Xie Limo’s eyebrows twitched. Since he loved his wife, he wanted her to be happy, so he did not say anything.

This time, they were all going to Old Master Yun’s villa. Since it was near the mountain and by the river, the scenery around it was beautiful. It had the smell of nature and was an excellent place to relax and unwind. Staying there would be good for Bai Yaoyao as well.

All of them planned to stay there for a few days. The villa was huge anyway and had a lot of rooms for them to choose from.

There were two cars. The one that Xie Jiu drove to the airport was lent to Huang Yize, while the other car had Xie Limo in it. The latter was the one who drove Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao to Old Master Yun’s villa, and behind them, Huang Yize drove the other car with Yun Bilu.

On the way there, Yun Bilu was very excited. She opened the windows and stared at the scenery outside. She was exceptionally cheerful, probably because Huang Yize was by her side, which boosted her spirits even more.

“Huang Yize, look! That building is my elder sister’s. It’s called Snow Cloud Group.”

“Look! Look! See that amusement park? I went there with my elder sister once when we were kids. Haha! That boat ride was so exciting…”

“Huang Yize, that place didn’t look like that when I was young. It was originally just an empty field, but after several years, the developers built all these tall buildings and complexes…”

“Huang Yize, that place once belonged to the Yun family. But it still looks pretty nice! Grandfather is now staying in a riverside villa near the mountain, while my elder sister and brother-in-law are staying in another villa. All’s good as long as everyone’s happy!”

“Ahh! Those are soup buns. They’re my favorite small buns! That place hasn’t changed. Last year, I pestered my elder sister to take me there. Since you’re here in Ning An City now, I’ll take you there so you can try them.”

Yun Bilu chattered away like a sparrow, waving her hands as she talked excitedly. She told Huang Yize everything about Ning An City, as though there was no end to it.

Huang Yize had his hands on the steering wheel the whole time as he followed behind Xie Limo’s car. With the corners of his lips curved into a small smile, he listened to Yun Bilu’s voice as he drove. His expression was warm and gentle.

He was exceptionally charming to begin with. Elegant and devilishly charming, coupled with that slight smile on his face, he gave off an alluring and enchanting aura all around him.

However, in Yun Bilu’s eyes, Huang Yize was expressionless. When she was almost done talking, she pouted her lips and huffed in slight annoyance. She made that sound on purpose to get Huang Yize’s attention.

Huang Yize could see through Yun Bilu’s intentions. He asked, “Why are you upset? You were talking so much just now. If you meet Grandfather like that later, won’t he think I’m bullying you? Don’t you want me to leave a good impression on him?”

“You heard everything I said to you earlier?”

Huang Yize nodded his head. “I’m definitely listening when my girl is talking. We’re turning on a sharp curve now, so hang tight.”

After they drove past the turn, Huang Yize turned to Yun Bilu and said, “You told me where your elder sister’s company was, where you played, your favorite restaurant…”

Realizing that Huang Yize was able to recount all of them, Yun Bilu giggled in delight. Her eyes glimmered as she blinked and asked, “Huang Yize, do you get nervous too?”