Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Tell You A Secret

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Huang Yize looked into Yun Bilu’s clear, sparkling eyes and shook his head. Chuckling, he asked, “Do you think I will be nervous?”

Yun Bilu thought for a while and observed Huang Yize’s expression. She answered, “You don’t always reveal your emotions, so it’s hard for me to tell.”

Huang Yize tightened his grip on the steering wheel. It was a lie to say he was not nervous about meeting an elder. As the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, he never feared anything in his life. Even his own father discussed all matters with him.

To him, everything he did had a strategic plan and was under his control.

However, meeting Yun Bilu’s grandfather honestly made him feel a little nervous, and that was because he cared. He was mindful about the elder’s opinion of him.

Looking at Huang Yize’s serious face as he pursed his lips in concentration, Yun Bilu started giggling.

Huang Yize turned to her and asked, “Are you that happy?”

Yun Bilu nodded. “Yeah, this is my first time seeing the great Young Master Huang looking nervous. People say there’s nothing you can’t do, but you do have moments when you get nervous too.”

“You’ve learned to poke fun at me now, eh?”

Sensing Huang Yize’s tone, Yun Bilu did not dare to tease him anymore. She rubbed her face and said, “Actually, you don’t need to be nervous. My elder sister should have told Grandfather about you last time. With my elder sister and my brother-in-law’s approval of you, Grandfather will definitely like you too.”

Yun Bilu squinted and added in a mischievous voice, “If you please me, I’ll tell you a secret about how to please Grandfather.”

Huang Yize’s charming eyes glinted, and the corners of his lips curved up in an enchanting smile. “How do I please you?”

Yun Bilu pointed to her cheek and said, “Here!” She waited for Huang Yize to kiss her and make her feel like a queen.

Huang Yize stared at Yun Bilu with his deep eyes and raised his brow with some interest. He slowed down the car and kissed Yun Bilu before turning around to concentrate on driving. “Done. Can you tell me now?”

Yun Bilu stretched out her finger and shook it while shaking her head. “No, this is only the first. You must please me again, then I’ll tell you.”

At that moment, Huang Yize felt helpless, though his expression appeared faintly indulgent. It was a subtle look, but it was still indulgent. “Say it!” This girl was sometimes confusing, but smart as well. She learned how to bargain with him now. However, it was fine with him. He would just let her have her way this time to make her happy.

Yun Bilu felt as though her status had been elevated against Huang Yize. She coughed before saying, “Next time, if I head east, you can’t head west.”

Huang Yize replied, “And if I head north?”

Yun Bilu’s face immediately darkened. His response was not like that of the classic drama lines she had envisioned. “No, it shouldn’t have been said like that.”

Huang Yize stared at Yun Bilu’s expression and could not help but laugh. He raised his brow and asked, “Then how should it be said?”

Yun Bilu sank into her seat dejectedly and waved him off. In an annoyed voice, she replied, “Forget it. Let’s not talk about it anymore.” The atmosphere that she had tried so hard to create was ruined just like that.

Huang Yize could only pacify her by saying, “Okay, whatever you say from now on will be right. Even if you’re wrong, I will try to think of it as right. Is that okay with you?”

That statement was enough to please Yun Bilu and make her happy again. She piped up, “My grandfather likes to play chess. As long as you play chess with him and keep him in good spirits, he will definitely like you.”

“That’s it? Just like that?” Huang Yize did not believe her. This girl was too naive and innocent. As much as her grandfather loved playing chess, his greatest concern would still be whether Huang Yize treated his granddaughter well or not.