Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Meng Family's Plans

As Zhou Yang listened to Su Lengxian's angry words, his lips curled up into a smile. Turning to her, he said, "Even if you despise her, don't forget that your elder brother likes her. Even if the Meng family is in the wrong, your brother deserted the Yun family in the first place and chose the Meng family."

Yun Bixue's face grew increasingly contorted and she spat, "Who said my elder brother does not listen to me? If it was not for me back then, my elder brother would not have treated Yun Bixue with such aloofness. Hmph, whoever I approve of, my elder brother naturally would too. My elder brother still listens to me!" At the end of her sentence, Su Lengxian's suddenly raised her tone.

The good natured Zhou Yang went forward and hugged Su Lengxian and spoke in a gentle tone, "Yes, my lady. Your elder brother listens well to you. If you think highly of the Meng family, your brother will marry the daughter of the Meng family. If you disapprove of the Meng family, your brother will not marry her. Is that fine?"

Su Lengxian scoffed, "That's more like it."

"The Su family has been the centre of social attention recently. I heard that your elder brother has weight lost because of you. Are you really not returning to take a look?"

Su Lengxian felt worried and glanced towards Zhou Yang. Squinting her eyes, she said, "Has my elder brother really lost weight?"

Zhou Yang nodded sincerely. "That's right. Your parents threatened to sever their ties with you and your brother has been balancing the Su Family Organization's matters on one end and searching for you on the other end. The Meng family had turned a blind eye and put in no effort. I thought that Miss Meng was rather fond of your brother, but after so long, there had been any news of her visiting your brother or helping out the Su family. Sigh, a true individual is indeed known in the day of adversity!"

Zhou Yang seemingly casual comments carried a deeper meaning and Su Lengxian took it to heart as she listened. This time, she finally had another outlet to vent her anger towards the media.

She channeled all the anger welled up within her onto the Meng family.

Suddenly, her head shot up in a sinister manner. "Zhou Yang, all these happened because of you. If it wasn't for you, none of this would have happened at all." As she spoke, she shove the person before her eyes.

Zhou Yang shrugged his shoulders innocently. "My lady, I am being maligned. You were the one who got blackout drunk, pulled me and then did that to me... That..."

Seeing how Zhou Yang looked all wronged, Su Lengxian yelled, "Stop speaking, I don't want to hear."

The Meng Family Home

As the night wore on, Chen Pei watched her daughter as she sat quietly and walked over to her. "Xinyan, your father also meant well for our Meng family. You have to understand him."

Meng Xinyan clutched the phone in her hands and was rather distracted. "Mum, I know Father's considerations, but this has got to do with Miss Su and is not related to Lenghan at all. I heard that he is exhausted and suffering. He is single-handedly supporting the Su family, it is not an easy feat."

Chen Pei's eyes lit up and she sat by her daughter to persuade her, "Xinyan, you are too kind-hearted. The Su family wanted to be associated with our Meng family through marriage and that had always been far-fetched. The Su family is at best an affluent family, but our Meng family is an aristocratic household. You only find Young Master Su decent, but if he had not pulled any tricks, could he have securely taken the seat of the organisation's chairman?" "

"Mum, but i truly think that he is wonderful. He had been calling me the past few days but I did not answer. My heart..." She felt uneasy deep in her heart.

"Xinyan, regarding men, you cannot afford to spoil him. You must be like this, playing hard to get. If he knows that you are easily attainable, he would instead cherish you less. Did he become less thoughtful and kind as before?" Chen Pei continuously stared at her daughter's eyes, attempting to convince her.

Meng Xinyan contemplated. It was indeed true; when he first courted her, he had been especially diligent. However, it was herself who always visited him in the end.

"Mum, I know what you mean."

"Yes, my daughter is smart. You have to let Su Lenghan know where you stand. If he truly wishes to join the Meng family through this marriage, he needs to demonstrate his sincerely. Don't he dare to think that my daughter is so readily available and that he would gain some standing after the marriage." In reality, after Chen Pei discussed with Meng Xinyan's father, they were already not favourable of the Su family. Since they had already established connections with Tian Jing City, they naturally wanted their daughter to be supported by a family from there.

Noticing how her daughter seemed to have let down her guard, Chen Pei continued to fire away. "Xinyan, think about it. Initially Miss Yun had also been nice to Su Lenghan and was exceptionally meticulous. However, he ultimately still chose you. Men, they are the same deep down in their core. The more challenging it is to conquer, the more they want to have it. Moreover, the Yun family is ruined and he abandoned them to come to our family instead. You should also know that he approached you because of our family. With how things turned out with the Su family, the more he should try to curry favour with our family..."

Chen Pei spoke 'earnestly' and felt satisfied with her daughter's responses. In the recent times, the Meng family had neither made an appearance nor offer a statement, and the media failed to single out any of the Meng family's weaknesses. The stocks of the businesses under the Meng family remained stable and unaffected.

For the Su family to have raised such an ignorant daughter, how modest could they be? From the bottom of her heart, Chen Pei looked down on the Su family and eyed at Tian Jing City solely. It was, however, too late for her to regret her actions.

Finally after her mother's persuasion, Meng Xinyan nodded. "Mum, I will listen to you and watch Lenghan's actions." For a period before this, he had already treated her rather coldly and seemingly was still attentive towards Yun Bixue. She felt especially anxious towards that.

Just as she made her way to the washroom, Meng Xindan walked past the second storey and heard the conversation. The corner of her lips arched up in a mocking manner. Chen Pei was indeed a snob; it was apparent that she despised the Su family. Back then, Chen Pei desired the riches of the Meng family and hence seduced Meng Xindan's father intentionally, hurting her mother as a result.

She had always buried the hatred towards her deep in her heart and would not let her off so easily.

A glint of coldness flashed across Meng Xindan's eyes and she left without a sound. No one knew that she had overheard the conversation that day.

On this day, Su Lenghan was in his office as usual and his phone rang suddenly. "Hello?"

"Is this Young Master Su?"

It was an unfamiliar voice and he could not identify its gender. It sounded as though the voice had been altered. Su Lenghan frowned and asked, "Who are you?"

"You do not need to care about who I am. I am here to inform you of a piece of news. The Meng family intends to desert the Su family and start afresh by connecting with Tian Jing City. Young Master Su must grab onto this family of high standing and be well prepared!"

Su Lenghan was taken aback. "Who are you? Why are you telling me this?"

"You do not need to care about who I am. I am helping you by informing you."

Su Lenghan could not calm down his racing heart for a long time. He felt extreme drained but yet could not fall asleep. Lighting up the cigarette in his hand, the smoke lingered around in his office, seemingly clearing up his mind.

In the past, he never touched alcohol and cigarettes. However, in this trying period, he had been using them to freshen up.

The Meng family! Su Lenghan suddenly thought of Yun Bixue. Back then he dumped her and went for the Meng family, deserting the Yun Bixue in the process. Did she also experience the feelings that he felt now?

It was only then that Su Lenghan realised he had not seen her in a long time. His heart began to feel more and more lonely and empty. He looked at his spacious office but felt even more hollow.