Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Cannot Embarrass Bilu

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Noticing that Huang Yize remained quiet, Yun Bilu saw said angrily, “You don’t believe me?”

“It’s not that I don’t believe you. I’m thinking about it.”

Yun Bilu waved her hand and patted her chest confidently. “Don’t worry. What I said is definitely true.”


When they reached the villa, Xie Limo, Yun Bixue, and Bai Yaoyao got out of the car first. Huang Yize’s car arrived shortly after and pulled to a stop, and the latter got off as well.

When Yun Bilu was about to step away from the car, she noticed that Huang Yize started taking things out from the trunk.

Yun Bilu asked curiously, “Huang Yize, why did you open the trunk?”

Huang Yize rubbed his forehead gently and sighed. “This is my first time meeting your grandfather, so how can I go in and greet him empty-handed?”

Yun Bilu was shocked, her eyes widening instantly as she ran to take a look at what was in the trunk. She gasped and stuttered as she tried to say, “Huang Yize… W-What… W-When did you prepare all these things?”

She could tell from a single look that all the things in the trunk were priceless. When she saw the jade chessboard, she almost spat some blood out. How on earth did she not notice this?

He had already figured out what Grandfather liked. Her efforts in the car were done in vain, and yet he did not expose her then.

The corners of Huang Yize’s lips faintly curved up in a smile. He patted Yun Bilu’s head and said to her gently, “Quick, find someone to bring these in.”

Xie Limo walked over. He wanted to help initially, but after seeing all the expensive things in the trunk, he smirked and went back to find people to help carry the things inside.

Yun Bixue recalled the first time when Xie Limo came to meet Grandfather. At that time, her mother-in-law, Ji Qiongxin, was here as well. That shocked everyone in the villa, and even she herself had been shocked for the next few days after, feeling as though it was too much for her heart to take.

Looks like Huang Yize had come armed and well-prepared. It was only Bilu who did not know about it.

She told Yun Bilu, “I will bring Yaoyao in first, alright? After that, you should go in with him and introduce him to Grandfather. ”

Yun Bilu lightly stomped on the ground as she whined, “Elder Sister, can you and Elder Sister Yaoyao go in with me please?”

Yun Bixue shook her head and insisted, “Bilu, you’re not a kid anymore. When you bring your boyfriend back home, you should do it yourself. This is something I can’t help you with, even if I’m your elder sister.”

Yun Bilu turned her gaze on Bai Yaoyao to ask for help. Bai Yaoyao waved her off too, implying that she could not help either.

A moment later, Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao went inside the villa. Xie Limo came out and informed Huang Yize as well before stepping inside. This left the young couple alone outside.

A few bodyguards from the villa helped carry the things and followed behind the two as they walked in.

After Old Master Yun greeted Bai Yaoyao and chatted with her for a while, he raised his head to look out. He could not resist the urge to walk out and take a look, but Yun Bixue stopped him and said, “Grandfather, your future grandson-in-law is coming in to meet you. Be patient, alright? You will see him with Bilu soon.”

Old Master Yun was so elated that he started asking a string of questions. “Look, is my hair alright? My clothes are not disheveled, right?”

Yun Bixue laughed. “Grandfather, you look good. You look like you’re in your best mood, so don’t worry.”

Old Master Yun finally let out his breath and nodded. “Yeah, I can’t embarrass Bilu. It’s her first time bringing her boyfriend back. What should I say?” Old Master Yun always felt like he owed his granddaughter Bilu more, so he was exceptionally concerned this time. He sincerely hoped that this granddaughter of his could find her true happiness.

At the same time, he was worried as well. This girl was a wild child, so who knows what kind of boyfriend she would bring back home? Would this boyfriend of hers treat her well?

Although Yun Bixue and Xie Limo always said that the man was pretty decent, as a grandfather, he could not help but be worried and concerned.