Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Grandfather This Is My Boyfriend

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Looking at how nervous her grandfather looked, Yun Bixue snickered loudly, then said, “Grandfather, seeing you like this, it feels like our roles have changed. You need to show the proper demeanor as our grandfather. Just take a look and see if you like Yun Bilu’s boyfriend.”

Old Master Yun sighed. “It doesn’t matter if I like him or not. What matters most is that Bilu likes him, he likes her too, and he treats her well.” Old Master Yun felt that his days were numbered and nothing really mattered anymore. As long as his two granddaughters were happy, he would be able to rest in peace. However, he wouldn’t say such words in front of them, unless he wanted to upset the two of them.

At that time, Bai Yaoyao poured a cup of tea and offered it to Old Master Yun. She said, “Old Master Yun, don’t worry. I assure you that you’ll like him. I’ve seen him before, and he treats Bilu sincerely. Bilu might be muddle-headed sometimes, but her boyfriend is definitely not. He’s able to consider what Bilu failed to. He’s so sweet and thoughtful that even I feel jealous!”

Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s words, Old Master Yun chuckled happily, “Yaoyao, I feel assured hearing your words. Out of you three, you’re the most sensible. Since you just came back here in Ning An City, take a long break. You haven’t had any rest.”

Bai Yaoyao shook her head. “Old Master Yun, I’m not that tired. It feels great to come back home. I’ll be staying in this villa during my visit here in Ning An City, so please don’t think that I’m a bother.”

“Young lady, I watched you grow up, so how can I think that you’re bothering me?”

Yun Bixue threw Bai Yaoyao a look. The most sensible? Grandfather had no idea how Bai Yaoyao looked previously. However, Bai Yaoyao wouldn’t show it in front of him. That was why Grandfather always wanted Bixue and Bilu to learn from Bai Yaoyao.

As they chatted, Huang Yize strolled in with Yun Bilu, making everyone’s attention turn to the two of them immediately.

Yun Bilu paused in her tracks. She felt everyone’s stares and became nervous all of a sudden. On the other hand, Huang Yize appeared calm, as though he was at home. He turned around, only to see Yun Bilu blushing and standing there.

He thought that it was rather amusing. Wasn’t she the one who wanted him to meet Grandfather? Why had the tables turned?

He coughed softly and pulled Yun Bilu’s hand. Walking forward, they stopped in front of Grandfather, but Yun Bilu still felt rather shy and didn’t say anything.

Seeing that Yun Bilu wasn’t going to speak up, Huang Yize felt helpless, so he could only start to introduce himself. He smiled and said elegantly, “Grandfather, I am Huang Yize, Bilu’s boyfriend. These are the things I brought for you!” As he spoke, he took over the bags behind him and passed them to Old Master Yun.

When Old Master Yun saw the said items, he was stunned speechless. He had seen them on an auction on TV before, so he knew right away that they were very expensive. Everyone had vied aggressively for them. Little did he expect that these would end up in his hands eventually. When it dawned on him that he now owned these treasures, he sat up straight, feeling elated at such a thought.

Yun Bixue pulled Old Master Yun back, preventing him from standing up. She gently said, “Grandfather, say something.”

Old Master Yun tried hard to calm himself down. He said happily, “Yes, yes. Hurry up and sit down.”

He wondered what the other elders would think if they were to find out that his house was now full of such treasures. He suddenly felt excited as his eyes lit up. His gaze glowed, and his mood brightened considerably. Everything looked pleasing to him at that very moment.

Huang Yize held Yun Bilu’s hand and gently squeezed it. Finally, Yun Bilu snapped out of her shock and grabbed Huang Yize’s arm. After regaining her composure, she announced, “Grandfather, this is my boyfriend.”