Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 832

Chapter 832 Something Is Bothering You

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Yun Bilu’s actions seemed awkward when she spoke, so everyone began to laugh at her loudly, making the tense atmosphere dissipate.

Old Master Yun tapped his walking stick several times and said, “Lass, you brought your boyfriend back, so why didn’t you didn’t introduce him to us? You even made him talk first. Other people might think that he’s my grandson, and he’s bringing his girlfriend to see me!”

Yun Bilu rubbed her head and giggled. “Grandfather, we’re all family anyway. It’s the same.”

A resigned yet gentle glint flashed across Huang Yize’s clear eyes. This was the first time he saw Yun Bilu look so shy and nervous. If he were to bring her back to his house, everyone at home, as well as the management of the Black Dragon Gang, would surely insist on meeting her. He wondered how Bilu would react to that. He anticipated it and wanted to see what would happen.

After laughing, everyone sat together and chatted. Old Master Yun was an open-minded person and didn’t probe into Huang Yize’s family background. He had looked past many things. As long as Huang Yize treated his granddaughter well, nothing else mattered.

During the meal, the atmosphere remained harmonious as everyone ate their fill. Huang Yize gracefully picked out dishes for Grandfather and Bilu. His actions were classy and elegant, and it was such a pleasing sight.

Old Master Yun was touched. Both his granddaughters had found their Mr. Right, and knowing such a fact made him exceptionally happy. He even insisted on drinking some wine.

Knowing that their grandfather’s health wasn’t that well, Yun Bixue and Yun Bilu didn’t allow him to do so. However, Old Master Yun still insisted. “Young Lad Xie and Young Lad Huang are both around today. I feel great right now, so let me drink, alright?”

Xie Limo understood how Old Master Yun felt and gently said, “Aunt Zhou, please take out the bottle of wine that I brought before. It’s nourishing and doesn’t harm the body.”


When Aunt Zhou brought the said wine over, everyone was poured a cup and began to clink their cups together.

Seeing how happy Grandfather looked, Yun Bilu felt rather emotional deep down. She hadn’t been by her grandfather’s side these past few years and hadn’t taken care of him. After composing herself, she smiled radiantly and said, “Grandfather, Huang Yize knows how to play chess too. He can keep you company next time.”

“I look forward to that!” Old Master Yun might be old, but he was still energetic and chuckled loudly.

Dinner ended soon. Old Master Yun was in his twilight years after all, so after a round of fun, he became exhausted. Aunt Zhou took care of Old Master Yun and brought him back to his room to sleep. The rest of them sat together and chatted about Ning An City and their families. Laughter sounded throughout the living room, filling the entire house with warmth.

Yun Bixue was worried that Bai Yaoyao would feel lonely and kept talking to her. As for Bai Yaoyao, she didn’t mention her relationship with Xirong Ziye because she was worried that Yun Bixue would be distraught. Seeing the concern in Bixue’s eyes, she said, “Don’t worry about me, okay? I came back this time to be your bridesmaid. Also, I found a handsome man, and he treats me well. Soon, I’ll serve in the army.”

“You’ll become a soldier?” Yun Bixue exclaimed anxiously.

“Don’t be so alarmed! I think it’s pretty great. I’ve always wanted to be a soldier and experience life in the army, so this will be awesome for me. Who knows, I might be able to hook up with a handsome soldier too. What do you think?” As she spoke, she held Yun Bixue’s hands, anticipating her words of encouragement.

Yun Bixue pondered for a long time and finally sighed. “This is your dream, so I’ll support you. But I’m afraid that you’ll suffer. You’ve lost so much weight this time. I thought that you’d put on weight, so I even prepared a bridesmaid gown that’s a size larger than before. Fortunately, I also prepared a small-sized gown. Yaoyao, I think that something’s bothering you.”