Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Whats The Huge Gift?

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Under Qin Huailing’s sharp and iron-fisted rule, everyone dared not to do anything. After accepting their separation pay and pension from the Qin Family Organization, they simply left. When the ruler changed, his subordinates would be replaced too. That was the case for the Qin Family Organization.

After Qin Huailing gained power over the family, he stood in the office at the top floor and glanced down the entire building. A cold glint flashed across his eyes. When he saw his legs, he scoffed at himself.

Even after controlling the Qin family and fighting back for what belonged to him, he couldn’t return to the past. Every time he looked at his legs, he would be reminded of what happened back then. He still couldn’t get over the hatred in his heart.

After a while, several knocks sounded from the door, breaking into his reverie.

“Come in!”

“President Qin, your mother said that she has delivered food for you.”

Thinking of his mother, the icy aura dissipated from Qin Huailing’s body. He answered, “Let her in. Next time, do not stop her and let her in immediately.” After going through so much, the person he loved the most was still his mother. However, she was a poor soul who had never had a proper footing in the Qin family. She was even oppressed by Aunt Qin, who had treated her as though she was her slave.

Mother Qin, whose hair was already white, entered the office with two lunch boxes. She looked at Qin Huailing and said in a soft voice, “Huailing, I prepared this for you. Don’t overwork yourself, okay?” Mother Qin didn’t dare to say much, gravely afraid that she would irritate her son. After all, she hadn’t done much for her son after so many years. She could only bear her pain silently. Back then, she merely thought that as long as her son led a blissful life, nothing else mattered.

Qin Huailing wheeled himself over to his mother and held her hands. “Mom, from now on, don’t tire yourself. I’ll let you enjoy life.”

Hearing those words, Mother Qin shivered. She couldn’t believe her ears. She carefully looked him in the eye and saw that his gaze was full of sincerity and love for her.

Mother Qin’s heart was moved in an instant, and tears rolled down her eyes. She sniffed and hurriedly wiped her tears away. “Huailing, I don’t ask for much. I just want you to lead a good life and be happy.” It felt great that her son didn’t blame her.

Later, after his subordinates sent his mother back to the Qin family’s home, Qin Huailing received a call from Xie Limo.

That afternoon, the two of them ate a meal in a restaurant. Xie Limo glanced at Qin Huailing and thought that he now had a warmer aura. He was no longer as cold and distant as before. “You control the Qin family now and have partially avenged yourself, but you’re still not satisfied, aren’t you?”

Qin Huailing shook his head. “I used to think that all these belonged to me and constantly lived with hatred. After seeing my mother today, I realized that I’ve missed too many wonderful things. I hadn’t been filial at all.”

The look in Xie Limo’s eyes changed. He didn’t expect Qin Huailing to say such emotional words. “You haven’t ventured too far. Your mother is still waiting for you to come back to her.”

“Yes, I want to let her enjoy her last years. As for my father’s health, I’ll get someone to treat him.”

Xie Limo picked up a cup and sipped his tea. He answered elegantly, “Do you remember that I once offered you a large gift?”

Qin Huailing nodded. “Yes, I do. But you’ve helped me too much already. Regarding our partnership, rest assured that the Qin family will act according to your orders.”

Xie Limo shook his head. “Qin Huailing, you know that I’m helping you not because I want your Qin family work for us. In the first place, you chose and joined the right side, and that’s what matters most. The large gift I’m talking about is related to your legs. The internationally-assembled medical team has already arrived here in Ning An City, and I’ve already shown your information to the senior members. They said that the chance to cure your legs is very high.”