Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 837

Chapter 837 Continue Knitting

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Hearing that voice, Xirong Ziye snapped out of his daze immediately. He knew that that wasn’t Bai Yaoyao’s voice. No, the person in front of him wasn’t Bai Yaoyao. He had been hallucinating.

He laughed bitterly. He always thought that he could let everything go, but now, he realized that just a photo alone could make him hallucinate. He couldn’t bear it, and his chest felt like burning at that thought. Even though he was hugging Xiamu Qingyan, he couldn’t stop what he was feeling.

Without any warning, he pushed Xiamu Qingyan against the wall and kissed her. That kiss was intense, and it came like a storm. Xirong Ziye was desperately trying to prove something.

Naturally, Xiamu Qingyan accepted his kiss willingly. To her, it was proof that she was still important to Xirong Ziye.

Xiamu Qingyan thought that she had him in her hands, but little did she know that her thoughts were far from what Xirong Ziye was thinking.

No matter how fervently Xirong Ziye kissed Xiamu Qingyan, he couldn’t enjoy it. As each second passed, he felt that the kiss was growing emptier and emptier. He simply couldn’t identify the feeling that he was trying to search for. His heart was hollow, and it felt so bare, as though he had lost something very important to him.

Even though he imagined Xiamu Qingyan to be Bai Yaoyao, they were still not the same person.

The look in Xirong Ziye’s eyes was empty as he took a few steps back. He turned around, intending to leave right at that instant.

Just as Xiamu Qingyan was enjoying the kiss, she noticed that he was about to walk away. She grabbed his arm, wanting to continue what they were doing. “Ziye, shall I go to your place?”

Xirong Ziye didn’t turn around to face her, but his body shuddered. He answered stiffy, “Go back first.” As he spoke, he walked off without a care. At that moment, his mind was full of his raw and purest emotions. He had even forgotten to console Xiamu Qingyan.

Xiamu Qingyan didn’t think much of it. When she grabbed his hand earlier, she could feel it burning fiery hot. Men were all the same! He definitely didn’t want to hurt her, that was why he left her in a hurry.

Xiamu Qingyan crossed her arms. Watching Xirong Ziye’s back as he left, the glint in her eyes grew brighter and brighter.

The guards from the Xiamu family walked over and stood by her side. One of them asked, “Miss, should we follow him?”

Xiamu Qingyan replied, “No, he’s mine already. No one can snatch him away from me.” After seeing her, Xirong Ziye had hugged and kissed her uncontrollably, so she had nothing to worry about.

When Xirong Ziye returned to his house, he took the photo out of his pocket. After taking a closer look, the veins on his arm twitched. He immediately called a private number and said a few words that sounded nothing out of the ordinary. Those words were his personal secret code.

After the other party accepted the code, that person went on to carry out his duties.

Xirong Ziye glanced at the sky and decided that he should wear a disguise and dress like a guard. He secretly went to a house somewhere and arranged for someone to investigate the man in the photo.

“President, the features of the man in the photo are very common. Also, the photo is very blurry, so we don’t even know where to start investigating.”

“You have to find him no matter how hard it is. You must also identify the restaurant in the photo.”


After relaying his orders, Xirong Ziye returned to his house. He picked up the sweater that Bai Yaoyao had left and looked at it. The bloodstain was still on it, as though reminding him of how cruel and heartless she used to be towards him.

A moment later, he sat on the sofa and picked up the thread and needles. He began to knit, hoping to finish that sweater. He thought that once it was done, they would become a couple as well.

Xirong Ziye didn’t sleep the entire night. He kept knitting, desperately wanting to finish the sweater. Even though he didn’t know how to knit, he tried his best to learn. When dawn broke, he was still doing the same thing.

At that time, he realized what Bai Yaoyao must have felt in the first place—it was a mixture of anticipation, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. The more he thought about it, the more flustered his actions became, and his clumsiness resulted in pricking his finger with the needle.