Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 838

Chapter 838 The Presidents Health

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Xirong Ziye looked at the prick on his finger as blood oozed out of it. He should have been in pain, but he merely looked at it, not feeling anything from it at all. Instead, he even thought that he deserved it.

It was as though that bright red substance could make his heart feel slightly better.

He wondered if Yaoyao had also pricked her finger back then. Did she feel any pain during that time? Compared to the misery in his heart, this pain was nothing.

Xirong Ziye wanted to understand what Bai Yaoyao felt back then, but it shattered his heart in the end. That feeling was so strong that he couldn’t even ignore it even if he wanted to.

Moreover, he couldn’t fall asleep at all. He was always waiting for her news. He was afraid that if they located Bai Yaoyao, it would be too late—she would have already found someone else. He imagined her smiling beside another man, and that thought caused his head to throb immensely.

Xirong Ziye even wondered why he had let Bai Yaoyao leave.

Perhaps Bai Yaoyao had already crept into his heart and mind unknowingly, but he didn’t know when it happened. For so many years, he had grown used to her being around him. After allowing her to leave, he was very lost.

Back then, he thought that it would be better if he changed his habits. But after so long, he felt empty no matter what he did. At night, he would also dream of scenes from the past. Those distant memories entered his dreams so suddenly, and he couldn’t get used to it at all.

Sometimes, he would startle himself awake after having such dreams, and he would have a hard time falling asleep again. He didn’t know why back then, but to stop his ex-lover from appearing in his dreams, he filled his days with activities and stuck to Xiamu Qingyan all day long. However, the longer he stayed with his fiancée, the more uncomfortable he grew.

Seeing the sun slowly rise, Xirong Ziye stood up slowly. Because he had been sitting for a long time, his legs went numb, and his body became stiff as well. He slowed down his actions and took a piece of tissue to wipe away the blood on his hand. Looking at the sweater that he had been knitting the entire night, he realized that the threads were not consistently distributed, even though he had done it the same way. It looked finished, but it was actually not.

He continued to examine the sweater when he suddenly clutched his chest, feeling extremely unwell. As beads of perspiration began to form on his forehead, he could only sit on the sofa and hold his chest for some time.

During breakfast, his subordinate entered the room. Seeing the president looking out of sorts on the sofa, he hurriedly rushed over to take a closer look. Shocked, he asked, “President, what happened to you? I’ll get the medical team here!”

Xirong Ziye waved his hand and answered, “I’m fine.” However, he was still in pain.

In the end, Xirong Ziye could only allow his subordinates to get the medical team to attend to him. He still instructed, “Get them here secretly and don’t let anyone find out. Don’t let the reporters learn about it too.” A president’s health was strongly linked to the entire country’s prosperity and growth. If rumors of his poor health were to spread, it would affect his reputation among the citizens.

His subordinate understood and replied courteously, “Yes!”

After the medical team conducted a full body check-up on Xirong Ziye, they concluded that the president had gastritis and advised that he must pay attention to his meals. They also recommended a special diet and informed his subordinate of things to note.

While Xirong Ziye listened to the doctor’s words, he grew increasingly bitter. When Bai Yaoyao was around in the past, she paid close attention to his diet and would always tell him what he shouldn’t eat. He hadn’t thought much of it back then, but now, he realized that she sincerely cared about him.

After breakfast, he took the prescribed medicine and laid on his bed to rest. Shortly after, he received a call from Xiamu Qingyan—she was asking him out on a date.