Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 839

Chapter 839 Reminiscing Something

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After hearing Xiamu Qingyan’s invitation, Xirong Ziye felt odd deep down. He knew that he should be happy, but he kept feeling as though this wasn’t the voice he was yearning to hear.

Thinking that he couldn’t keep Xiamu Qingyan company today, Xirong Ziye felt rather guilty. He gently comforted her by saying, “Qingyan, I have something on today, so I won’t be able to go out. You should rest well, okay? I’ll go look for you when I return.”

Xiamu Qingyan bit her lip. She was rather displeased, but she still replied warmly, “Ziye, is there something wrong? Do you need my help? Should I look for you?”

“No, you don’t have to bother. Just take care of yourself.”

Xiamu Qingyan persisted. “I have nothing to do at home anyway. My father will just interrogate me. Wait for me, okay? I’ll go look for you.”

After ending the call, Xirong Ziye still held the phone in his hands. His expression turned dazed. He hadn’t had a proper rest in a long time and didn’t even sleep last night. He really wanted to take a break, but if Xiamu Qingyan was coming, he definitely wouldn’t be able to rest well.

As that thought came to mind, his heart felt uncomfortable, even disgusted at the situation. He had no idea why he was feeling that way.

He kept thinking that there was more to Xiamu Qingyan’s words. Each time she mentioned her father, he had no choice but to accede to her requests. Suddenly, his heart felt exhausted. In the past, he wanted to prove himself through his own power and capabilities, but while he was doing so, he realized that the happiness he enjoyed was fleeting, and he only enjoyed a few joyful moments. The euphoria and satisfaction that accompanied power very quickly transformed into a miserable and lonely feeling.

With his status, he had to be even more careful of his every single action. He was under the Xiamu family’s control and had no freedom at all.

He knew Xiamu Qingyan was very pure, and he couldn’t put all the blame on her. After all, everyone was vying for what they wanted. He couldn’t bear to part with her beauty and everything else about her. Besides, she was still a beautiful part of his youth.

He looked at the clock and closed his eyes. A few moments later, he fell asleep.

All of a sudden, Xiamu Qingyan had arrived. She walked into the bedroom, only to see Xirong Ziye fast asleep. Sitting on the side of the bed, she watched his perfect face, her heart racing as she reached out and touched his face. Her eyes fell on his enticing lips, and she was reminded of how crazy he had been last night.

Xiamu Qingyan inched closer to Xirong Ziye, her heart shuddering at the memory of that fiery kiss.

When Xirong Ziye opened his eyes, an intense fragrance wafted past his nose. At that moment of intimacy, it dawned on him that Xiamu Qingyan was definitely not his first love. Regardless of how similar they looked, she still wasn’t her.

He gently caressed Xiamu Qingyan’s face, his gaze laced with an unusual look of pain.

Xiamu Qingyan asked, “Ziye, are you awake? You said that you had something to do, but you were just sleeping. You lied to me.”

Xirong Ziye sat up and leaned against the headrest. His stomach still felt upset, and his head throbbed. Frowning, he replied, “Be good now. Wait for me outside. I’ll be out in a while.”

“I want to stay here with you.”

Xirong Ziye sighed tiredly. He felt that his head was in a mess, so he couldn’t handle anything properly now. In particular, anything involved with relationship matters made him feel somewhat weary.

He locked eyes with Xiamu Qingyan. He didn’t know what he was trying to look at, but he seemed to be attempting to see through her.

Xiamu Qingyan didn’t dare to meet Xirong Ziye’s gaze and hurriedly lowered her head. She put on a pure and gentle expression and asked warmly, “Ziye, am I not supposed to be here?”

Xirong Ziye recalled his youth. Back then, his first love had been completely different from Xiamu Qingyan. The way they spoke and did things were simply not the same.