Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Calculating Step By Step

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Sometimes, Xirong Ziye wondered if he really missed that person, or maybe he was just missing the purest part of his youth.

Usually, Xirong Ziye would immediately comfort Xiamu Qingyan, but this time, he remained silent and distant. He even seemed to be distracted.

Xiamu Qingyan asked again, “Ziye, are you okay? Why aren’t you answering me?”

“I’m fine. It’s just that I feel tired because I didn’t get enough sleep. Don’t worry. You’re still young, so you don’t feel tired at all.”

Xiamu Qingyan bowed her head a little and showed a shy smile. “I don’t feel tired when I’m with you.” After saying this, she hooked her arm around Xirong Ziye’s.

She knew that men were the most energetic in the morning. Moreover, she had wanted to speed things up between the two of them. Even if the two of them were getting married soon, she still felt anxious.

The kiss they shared yesterday might have proven everything, but he had still called out for Bai Yaoyao. That made her jealous, but she had no choice but to keep it to herself.

She had already instructed her subordinates to check on Bai Yaoyao, hoping she would fish out some secrets.

Even though Xiamu Qingyan had planned things out and dropped obvious hints by hooking her arm around him, Xirong Ziye still sat on his bed without moving. There seemed to be a lot of things on his mind. This made Xiamu Qingyan exceptionally uncomfortable, and she couldn’t help but feel defeated.

She was Xiamu Qingyan, the precious daughter from the largest family in Country E. She had everything she wanted, so why did she have to stoop to this level for a man?

However, it was clear that Xiamu Qingyan had the typical ‘Princess Syndrome,’ and it was rather severe. She thought that since she was fond of Xirong Ziye, he should feel the same—he should also like her and be nice to her. Otherwise, he had no idea what he was dealing with.

Under Xiamu Qingyan’s persistence, Xirong Ziye could only stand up and ask her where she wanted to go. She answered that she wanted to fly a kite in the park.

Xirong Ziye frowned and didn’t reply. He got his subordinates to arrange his schedule. When his subordinate heard that the President wanted to go to the plaza, his expression changed. Earlier, the doctor had explicitly said that the President needed to rest quietly, so he couldn’t tire himself out.

Just before the subordinate tried to say something, Xirong Ziye waved his hand and stopped him from speaking. He immediately asked his chauffeur to drive them to the park.

Xiamu Qingyan asked, “Ziye, can it be just the two of us?” She wanted to enjoy her time with Xirong Ziye alone, so she didn’t want to let someone else drive. Moreover, she had chosen to go to the park because it was crowded there. The news would definitely report about their date, showing off their intimacy to everyone. Not only that, but the news would definitely reach a certain someone, making her lose any hope of being together with him. That someone didn’t need to dream about coming in between them again.

Xiamu Qingyan made calculative steps, one by one. However, she had no idea that it was hard to predict a person’s feelings. Of course, a person with a ‘Princess Syndrome’ like Xiamu Qingyan would never understand it.

Xirong Ziye could only personally drive Xiamu Qingyan to the park. Once they arrived, he chose a kite according to her preferences, and they flew it together.

A lot of Country E’s citizens brought their children to the park to play. When they saw the president and the future first lady of their country, they were naturally elated.

“The President is great and treats Miss Xiamu so well. What a thoughtful man! It takes a warm heart to do that!”

“My President! My idol! Wow, look! His kite is flying so high!”

“Look! The President even helped the children fly their kites.”

“The President really loves his citizens. He is loyal and talented. He’s really worthy of our praises!”

“I want to take a selfie with him!”

“Didn’t you see Miss Xiamu beside him? What if she got jealous if we go over and take a selfie with him?”

“Don’t worry. Miss Xiamu is so pure and nice. She wouldn’t mind it.”

Therefore, a few young ladies who admired Xirong Ziye gathered their courage and approached him.