Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Fainting Suddenly

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A sinister glint flashed in Xiamu Qingyan’s eyes when she heard that those young ladies wanted to take a selfie with Xirong Ziye.

Deep down, she felt extremely reluctant, but she still nodded in a graceful manner and showed a friendly face. She had to maintain her pure image and could only continue to get used to her pretense.

Those ladies were emanating youthful energy. As Xirong Ziye glanced at them, he was immediately reminded of the days of his education. Back then, Bai Yaoyao was just as bold and energetic as they were.

Since they wanted to take a photo with him and Xiamu Qingyan didn’t object, he smiled cheerfully and went ahead to take a selfie with them.

Once they were done, the ladies jumped in excitement.

“President, you’re my idol!”

“President, you’re the best. You’re so friendly and even took a selfie with us!”

“A lot of our classmates admire and like you!”

“Wow! President is so handsome and perfect up close!”

Xirong Ziye smiled and answered, “Love yourself in the future. You’ll also find someone compatible with you.” At that moment, he was just like an elder brother as he spoke to these ladies.

He felt that his body was more relaxed as he spoke with these pure ladies. He took a glance at Xiamu Qingyan and thought that she was a pure lady too. However, why did he feel that she was different from the other ladies?

Moreover, he felt even more worn out after being together with her. This was such an odd feeling, and Xirong Ziye couldn’t wrap his head around it.

After pondering for some time, Xirong Ziye walked to Xiamu Qingyan’s side and asked, “Why do you look so unhappy?”

Xiamu Qingyan tried hard to force out a smile. “I’m fine. I’m just worried that you’ll get tired.”

“I’m not tired. Those ladies were adorable.”

Xirong Ziye’s words caused a sinister glint to flash across Xiamu Qingyan’s eyes. However, he failed to notice it.

Xiamu Qingyan intentionally found another subject to talk about, forcing Xirong Ziye to console her before finally cheering up.

A moment later, they continued to fly their kite. The sun’s rays shone brightly on Xirong Ziye as he raised his head high to follow the kite’s movements. Because he had been too exhausted recently, his body felt drained. With the sun blazing right on him, his vision started to turn black as his body swayed, and he fainted right on the spot.

A dull thud sounded as Xirong Ziye’s body slammed on the ground, frightening everyone near him. In an instant, a crowd swamped around him and tried to offer their help.

Xiamu Qingyan was stupefied and couldn’t respond in time. Her mouth dropped open, and the expression on her face became frozen. That look on her face was captured by a photographer from overseas.

When the ambulance sent Xirong Ziye to the hospital, all of the media companies in Country E vied to report what happened. Xiamu Qingyan’s odd and ugly expression wasn’t included in Country E’s news, but that photo was published in foreign newspapers and magazines, and it eventually became viral.

The reporters in Country E dared not to offend the Xiamu family, but those from overseas weren’t bothered. Xiamu Qingyan was utterly humiliated.

The president’s fainting incident caused a huge stir. Some were incredibly concerned about Country E’s politics, while others were worried about the country’s economy. The rest all felt anxious about the president’s health.

Of course, there were some who gloated and intended to throw a grand celebration.

The Xiamu family had their hands full. Such a thing had actually happened just before the wedding! Xiamu Qingyan had never expected that this would happen. She just wanted to show off their loving relationship and let the reporters write about it. The last thing she would expect was for Xirong Ziye to faint! She didn’t even know how many people were laughing at her now!