Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Causing A Debate Throughout The Country

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The Xiamu family was thrown into a state of chaos. The news caused a massive ruckus throughout Country E, and it even spread internationally.

After Xirong Ziye fainted, he didn’t wake up at all. Aside from suffering from gastritis, the doctor said that he had hurt his head when he fell on the ground. It was unclear when he would wake up.

The reporters vied to report on the president’s current status, so they diligently wrote and broadcasted updates every day. After all, the citizens were the ones who cared about the president’s health most.

A country couldn’t continue without a president even for a day, so in the meantime, everything political was left to the hands of the prime minister. All the other officials supported him because they could only manage to suppress the disputes and discussion that way.

Xiamu Qingyan visited the hospital every day. She didn’t feel that any of this was real. She was going to get married very soon, but Xirong Ziye hadn’t woken up yet. For this reason, the Xiamu family could only try to delay the wedding.

It was supposed to be a grand ceremony, and all the arrangements had already been settled. This delay had led to a huge impact on many different aspects throughout the entire country.

While everyone discussed, they were also rather amazed. Who would have expected that something like that would happen?

Xiamu Qingyan’s father slammed his hand on the table angrily and yelled, “Bastard! Why did he faint for no reason? How weak is his body? So pathetic!”

“Father, don’t be angry.”

“How can I not be angry? Look at you! You’re already an adult, so why can’t you be more mature? Things would be fine if he fainted at home. Why did you insist on going to the park? Isn’t that place very crowded?” The master of the Xiamu family heaved his chest continuously. He had never been this angry before.

Xiamu Qingyan felt very wronged too. She had wanted the media to capture how loving the two of them were. She wanted other women to see it and give up their feelings for him.

However, she wouldn’t let her father know what she felt. She acted upset and whined, “Father, how would I have known that this would happen?”

“Hurry up and go to the hospital to visit him. Find the best doctor. He must wake up in time. Your wedding had no choice but to be delayed this time. Our Xiamu family has completely lost our face. I don’t even know how many people are laughing at us now!”

This was the first time the master lost his temper at his own daughter.

Xiamu Qingyan could only listen to him, despite feeling indifferent deep down. She only cared about herself, and therefore, she didn’t care whether her father was angry or not. Her only wish was that Xirong Ziye would wake up as soon as possible.

That day, when Xiamu Qingyan went to the hospital, she heard some nurses laughing loudly. She wondered what they were talking about.

“Hey, look at this. She’s usually pretty, but I didn’t expect her to be so ugly.”

“You’re right. Look at how rigid her face is. No wonder she always puts on that ugly expression. I understand now.”

“What do you mean?”

“I guess she might have undergone plastic surgery. Her expression in this photo looks really fake!”

“Ahh? No way. How can this face be fake? She’s the daughter of a noble family. Why would she need plastic surgery? No way!”

“Why do you think she looks different from her parents then? That’s why there’s a problem. Look, she’s really hideous. I don’t even want to look at her anymore.”

As these women gathered, they gossiped passionately. After all, they were talking about the national goddess, Xiamu Qingyan. They were all very envious of her. Since an ugly photo of her was published, they naturally had to spread the word and even talk behind her back.

Xiamu Qingyan was triggered the moment she heard about their plastic surgery speculation. She hurriedly walked over and snatched one of their phones, frightening the nurses. She looked at the homepage of an international news site and saw her photo at the park that day. With her eyes looking like they were about to pop out of their sockets and a mouth that was hanging open, her expression definitely appeared stiff and hideous. If she hadn’t known that it was her, she wouldn’t even have recognized herself.