Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Someone Up There

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Looking at that photo, Xiamu Qingyan realized that it was the first time her public image was destroyed. She was so livid that her body trembled all over. Who dared to shoot that photo and publish it? The moment she saw that it was an international news site, she threw the phone on the floor immediately.

The young nurse’s heart began to accelerate. When she saw her phone on the floor, her heart ached terribly—she used a month’s pay to buy that phone. Xiamu Qingyan was too much! How could she destroy someone’s phone just like that? Can she bully someone else just because she’s rich?

The young nurse glared at Xiamu Qingyan. However, she bit her lip and didn’t dare to say a single word.

Xiamu Qingyan wouldn’t even allow her to do that. She approached the young nurse and mocked, “Am I too pretty? Or are you heartbroken over your phone?”

The young nurse hurriedly shook her head. She knew what the Xiamu family was capable of. The entire Country E didn’t dare to offend them, so who was she to do so?

This time, Xiamu Qingyan’s blood was truly boiling. She couldn’t even hold herself back. Even if she wanted to pretend, she couldn’t do so now.

Seeing that the young nurse was still aware of her status, Xiamu Qingyan lowered her head and whispered into her ear, “Say, what do you think will happen if I were to make that face of yours ugly?”

When the young nurse heard her threat, she promptly begged for mercy.

Xiamu Qingyan laughed and patted the young nurse’s face. “I heard everything you said just now, and I remember all of it.”

To protect her image, Xiamu Qingyan remained calm and collected. After threatening the nurse, she glared at the rest of them before going to see Xirong Ziye in his room.

Of course, she wasted no time and began calling her father. With regards to the international news, she hoped that her father had some way to take it down. That photo was simply just too hideous, not to mention that it ruined her image.

No matter what, that news and photo couldn’t remain online.

She believed that with the Xiamu family’s power and influence, her father would have some solution. Therefore, she wasn’t excessively worried.

Seeing that Xirong Ziye was still unconscious, Xiamu Qingyan recalled the scenes that unfolded that day. She revisited her memories at the park in her head.

She thought that it must have been those young ladies’ fault why Xirong Ziye got exhausted. If they had not insisted on taking a photo with him, then none of this would have happened.

After thinking of that excuse, she felt better deep down. She then asked for her subordinates to investigate those ladies. If they were still in school, she wanted their schools to expel them as a form of punishment.

With regards to the nurses and doctors who were gossiping about her earlier, she wanted the Xiamu family to exert their authority and fire them too.

The hospital’s chief of staff was perplexed. He couldn’t offend the Xiamu family, but at the same time, those staff hadn’t done anything wrong too. If he were to fire so many employees at one go, how could he find replacements on such a short notice?

The chief of staff was on the verge of tears. He thought that Miss Xiamu was simply directing her anger on his hospital. Those doctors and nurses understood that he was deeply troubled, so they tendered their resignations on their own.

After seeing what they did, the chief of staff steeled himself and made up his mind. He said to them, “We can’t give in this time. Continue to do your jobs. I still have the final say in this hospital. We’re the best and largest hospital in the country for a reason, and we have our own backers as well. Don’t worry, alright?”

Hearing the chief’s words, the doctors and nurses were startled. If the hospital had powerful backers, could they be even more powerful than the Xiamu family?

The chief of staff smiled mysteriously as he explained to them, “No matter how strong the Xiamu family is, they are still a scholarly family. The only thing they lack is military power. Now, what would happen if our backers come from a military background?”

The doctors and nurses came to a sudden realization and gave a thumbs up in awe. They began praising their boss for coming up with a great solution.

Country A

Yun Bilu took Huang Yize out to eat her favorite dumpling buns. Her entire mouth was smeared with grease as she ate them with gusto. After eating, she even licked and wiped her mouth messily.