Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 844

Chapter 844 The Powerful International News

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Yun Bilu missed the taste of food from this place. It had been a long time since she ate here. There were dumpling buns sold at other places too, but she always thought that they weren’t as authentic as the ones in Ning An City.

After all, this restaurant had several decades of history and even contained memories of her childhood. That was why she wanted to come here whenever she could.

After eating her fill, she looked at the plate in front of Huang Yize. He hadn’t even begun eating and kept looking at his phone. She pouted and said, “You’re just looking at your phone. Am I not attractive enough for you?”

Huang Yize’s expression looked intoxicating and mysterious. Raising his head, he looked at Yun Bilu, his expression softening at the sight of her pouting face. He then passed his phone to her and said, “This is the international news. I think you’ll be happy to see this.”

Yun Bilu took the phone with a look full of doubt. When she saw the two words, Xiamu Qingyan, decorating the headlines, she immediately read the accompanying articles and looked closely at the photos. She didn’t even finish reading when she began to burst into laughter.

Yun Bilu immediately stood up from her chair and rested one leg on it. Holding the phone, she chuckled heartily and exclaimed, “Serves her right! I never expected this to happen to Xiamu Qingyan. It feels so good! Look at this. I thought she looked weird back then. So, it’s true that she had plastic surgery. Her face is fake, let alone everything else. Look, she’s really hideous here. I wonder what Xirong Ziye saw in her? How could he be attracted to someone like her?”

Huang Yize watched how Yun Bilu got all excited and disregarded her image. The customers in the restaurant were all looking at her, so Huang Yize stood up and grabbed her hand. “Everyone’s looking at you. Pay attention to your image.”

Yun Bilu was elated and didn’t care that she was the center of everyone’s attention. She waved her hand and said, “Let them look. It’s not gonna hurt me anyway.”

Huang Yize rested his head on his palm and felt helpless. He could only lower his voice and remind her, “Your elder sister is getting married soon. You should consider her image too, shouldn’t you?”

Yun Bilu sat down quickly and nodded. “You’re right. I can’t let my elder sister lose face. But this is really wonderful news, y’know? As soon as we get home, I’ll show this to Elder Sister Yaoyao and make her happy too.”

Huang Yize had never restricted Yun Bilu’s freedom before. He let her do everything that she wanted.

Suddenly, a thought popped up in Yun Bilu’s head, and she hurriedly flipped through the news on Country E. When she saw the news on how Country E’s president, Xirong Ziye, had fainted and remained unconscious, she was stunned. “Huang Yize, do you think that this is true?”

Huang Yize took a glance and answered, “No country can lie about the news of their president.”

Yun Bilu was somewhat dazed as she said, “I didn’t expect this to happen. Unbelievable. He really fainted? Anyway, he deserved it. Elder Sister Yaoyao was so nice to him, but he rejected her and chose that ugly Xiamu Qingyan. Look at what happened now. He fainted after being tortured for a long time. No one even knows when he will wake up.”

As she spoke, she continued reading the news. When she saw the news on the Xiamu family postponing the wedding, she was shocked. “Huang Yize, it’s such a great day today. There’s so many good news! I’ll definitely show these to Elder Sister Yaoyao.”

Huang Yize looked at how excited Yun Bilu was and reminded her, “Do you think you should tell her?”

Yun Bilu considered Huang Yize’s words. Resting her cheek against her hand, she made up her mind and said, “I think that Elder Sister Yaoyao will be worried about him, so it’s better not to tell her. It’ll just make her sad and moody again.”

That night, when Yun Bilu was already home, she took a screenshot of the news and downloaded Xiamu Qingyan’s photo on her phone. She showed them to Bai Yaoyao and said in an excited voice, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, look! This is a picture that my friend sent me. That’s Xiamu Qingyan. She looks so ugly, right? She can’t even be compared to your toes.”

Bai Yaoyao looked closely at the photo and was rather surprised. She had never expected that such an ugly photo of Xiamu Qingyan would be published. She asked, “Is this for real?”