Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 845

Chapter 845 The Black Dragon Gang Refuses To Collaborate

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Hearing Bai Yaoyao’s question, Yun Bilu replied excitedly, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, why would I lie to you? Of course it’s real. Haha! The Xiamu family is nothing much. Miss Xiamu appears to be pure and innocent, but she looks absolutely fake and hideous. The whole world—” Just as she was about to say that the whole world had probably seen that ugly face, she hesitated and covered her mouth. She couldn’t tell Bai Yaoyao about the news. Otherwise, she might find out about Xirong Ziye fainting.

Luckily, Bai Yaoyao focused her attention on the photo and didn’t think too much about Yun Bilu’s words.

After a while, Yun Bilu continued speaking. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, these people have poor judgment. They prefer ugly women and not pretty ones. It just shows that they have bad taste and like weird things.”

After hearing Yun Bilu’s opinion, Bai Yaoyao burst out laughing. She poked Yun Bilu’s forehead and said, “You’re really the life of the party. You always cheer people up.”

Yun Bilu chuckled. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, you’re so pretty. I still prefer Mr. Soldier for you. When the time comes, I’ll be your bridesmaid too.”

Bai Yaoyao answered, “Sure, you’ll be my bridesmaid. You’ll look even prettier than me when you dress up.”

Yun Bilu asked happily, “Am I?” As she spoke, she ran to the mirror and asked, “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I’m not ugly, right?”

Bai Yaoyao couldn’t contain her happiness and smiled from ear to ear. She walked to Yun Bilu’s side and pinched her face. “Our Little Lulu is the prettiest, so of course she isn’t ugly. Don’t you know that you’re pretty?” To Bai Yaoyao, Yun Bilu was as bright as the sun. She could warm up everyone’s hearts.

Anyone who met this girl would want to protect her well.

The moment Huang Yize saw Xiamu Qingyan’s photo, he knew what the Xiamu family would do next—they would get in touch with the Black Dragon Gang. To completely remove the trending news online, they had no choice but to ask for their help.

Therefore, he relayed his orders to the headquarters. That night, he received a call from one of his subordinates. The Xiamu family had indeed contacted them and wanted the Black Dragon Gang to step in. To remove the news and photos of Miss Xiamu, they would pay the Black Dragon Gang generously. If they were not satisfied with the payment, they were willing to meet the Black Dragon Gang’s terms.

Regarding this matter, as long as the Black Dragon Gang were to speak up, the news would be deleted immediately. Not only that it would be a piece of cake to them, but they would also receive a huge reward from the Xiamu family. This was extremely beneficial to the Black Dragon Gang. However, their Young Master had explicitly ordered them to report every big incident that happened, so they had to inform him about this first before taking any action.

After hearing the subordinate’s report, Huang Yize rejected it without a second thought. He instructed coolly, “If the Xiamu family were to request for collaboration in the future, reject them firmly. They are blacklisted by the Black Dragon Gang. There’s no need for any explanations.”


Everyone in the Black Dragon Gang obeyed their Young Master’s orders. There were no buts and ifs—they didn’t ask why and just listened obediently.

Everyone else didn’t matter to Huang Yize, but the Xiamu family had made his girlfriend upset. Therefore, they were blacklisted.

Huang Yize knocked his fist on the table, as though he thought of something. “Also, let the international reporters continue to write about Xiamu Qingyan for the next few days. Increase that photo’s exposure and views.”

“Yes!” The subordinate answered courteously but trembled deep down. He didn’t know how the Xiamu family had offended Young Master. He prayed quietly for them—the last person they should offend was Young Master!