Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 846

Chapter 846 A Joke

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Huang Yize said some other things, and the subordinate replied respectfully. At the end of their conversation, he asked in a cautious tone, “Young Master, Old Master Huang knows it’s Noel Harlem University’s autumn break. He hopes that you can go back and spend your vacation here.”

“Tell him I won’t go back at the moment and not to ask about my whereabouts.”

“Yes!” The subordinate felt that it was actually Young Master who was calling the shots in the Black Dragon Gang. Even Old Master had to pander to Young Master’s mood.

Once the call ended, Huang Yize went to find Yun Bilu. The darkness in his heart could only be suppressed when he was with her.

The head of the Xiamu family was panic-stricken as he looked at the ugly photo of his daughter hitting the international news’ headlines over and over again. He wanted to get rid of it, but why was the news still spreading like wildfire?

He knew that many people in Country E were watching the international news too. He did not even dare to go out on the streets as he was turning into a joke because of his daughter.

Before the news broke out, everyone treated him with much respect, but now, many people seized the chance to ridicule him. The hidden and outright sarcasm he got from people made his blood boil so much that he was almost hospitalized.

He had nowhere to vent his anger, so he could only vent it on his servant at home, lashing out at the servant whenever he felt like it.

Meanwhile, Xiamu Qingyan always went to the hospital, hoping that Xirong Ziye would wake up soon. She was oblivious to the fire that was raging every day in the Xiamu household.

However, Xiamu Qingyan could sense that wherever she went, people would give her strange looks. This was the case even in the hospital, though no one dared to be upfront and say anything to her. Instead of the usual looks of envy and admiration, there was now a hint of disdain in their eyes.

Disdain? Xiamu Qingyan was puzzled. What right did these lowly people have to act that way?

Afterwards, she discovered that the nurses and doctors she had once pressured the chief of the hospital to dismiss were still around, so she went to look for him immediately. However, whenever she tried to find him, she was always told that he was either not feeling well or overseas.

Xiamu Qingyan could only suppress her anger and decided to ask her father for help. However, as soon as the call got picked up by the head of the Xiamu family, she immediately got a tongue-lashing from him, so she had no choice but to hang up.

The Xiamu family went to look for the Black Dragon Gang again to ask about the issue with the news and the photo. However, they were unable to find a point of contact. Panic-stricken and at their wits’ end, they had no other options to solve their dilemma.

At last, the Xiamu family tasked someone to ask the people from the international correspondent station. Someone said courteously, “We can’t really remove the photo and news articles. They might probably remain in the headlines for the rest of the year?”

When the head of the Xiamu family heard about this, he almost fainted from anger. It was fortunate enough that he had not suffered a stroke from this.

He wanted to vent his anger in the hospital, but once he was out, he bumped into Helian Zhengwu. Helian Zhengwu was not a friend of the family, but he usually kept his peace with the head of the Xiamu family.

However, this time, Helian Zhengwu just bluntly told the head of the Xiamu family, “Old Brother Xiamu, why do I feel like your daughter doesn’t look like you at all? Is she really born and raised by you?”

“What do you mean she’s not born and raised by me? Brother Helian, what are you saying?” In the past, both of them were equally matched against each other. Helian Zhengwu had never talked like this to him before.

Helian Zhengwu replied, “Nothing much, Old Brother Xiamu. I’m just reminding you to leave some middle ground for yourself when you do things. Your daughter even wanted to call the shots in the hospital where the President is currently confined. If word goes out, it wouldn’t just be the photo that’s ugly. That heart of hers might have a problem too!”

Once Helian Zhengwu finished his sentence, he did not wait for the head of the Xiamu family to react. He immediately turned to his driver and ordered him to drive off.

The head of the Xiamu family was stunned for a moment, but he immediately regained his senses and started lashing out.

Under the orders of the Black Dragon Gang, the international correspondence reporters tailed people from the Xiamu family. This time, when the head of the Xiamu family openly lashed out in public, their family was once again on the international headlines.