Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 847

Chapter 847 We Will Meet Again Soon

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The news this time made the head of the Xiamu family hit the headlines himself. That photo of him lashing out in public was shown in international news, causing the reputation of the Xiamu family to fall even further. Their status in Country E took a deep plunge, while the other families appeared to be rising in terms of prestige.

However, Huang Yize did not want to see the Xiamu family fall just like this. Only when the Xiamu family retained its status and influence as the largest family in Country E would it have the greatest impact on Xirong Ziye.

As such, the Xiamu family was in a very awkward position right now. Although they were the first-ranking family in Country E, they were the butt of the jokes of all the other powerful families abroad, becoming one of the topics people talked about over tea.

When Yun Bilu saw the latest news, she felt appeased as well. She kept on exclaiming in front of Huang Yize, “The international reporters are really awesome!”

Both of them were in good spirits and had a good appetite, so they enjoyed themselves while they were out.

Yun Bixue was unaware of Bai Yaoyao and Xirong Ziye’s matter. Every day after work, she and Xie Limo and would return to Old Master Yun’s villa for dinner. With everyone all gathered together, the atmosphere was happy and lively.

Seeing that there were many things to prepare at the venue, Bai Yaoyao also stepped in to help personally. Yun Bixue was afraid that Bai Yaoyao would tire herself out. After all, the latter had just returned to Ning An City. She hoped that her best friend could relax and enjoy her stay here instead.

However, the present Bai Yaoyao no longer had her previous energy and vitality. Sometimes, she felt that her heart had aged. She just wanted to live a peaceful life where she could watch the clouds go by as the flowers bloom and wilt.

The wedding was just around the corner when Xie Jiu received the latest information, which he reported to Xie Limo respectfully. “Young Master Xie, we received insider news that Young Master Wang had very likely left the headquarters of the Wang family. Our men haven’t found out the exact details of his whereabouts.”

When Xie Limo heard this, his expression darkened. His grip on the fountain pen tightened, nearly snapping it into two. He stared into the distance and said coldly, “Wang Qianjin is a Jiaolong 1 , so we can only bind him for the time being. Once the issue with their headquarters was settled, he would naturally leave the South.” Even though Xie Limo said this in a calm voice, a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes.

“Young Master Xie, do we still need to do anything to the South?”

Xie Limo waved him off. “No need. The same method will not work if used a second time.”

Xie Jiu replied respectfully, “Young Master Xie, I’m afraid he will come to the North. You and Young Madam are about to hold your wedding as well.”

Xie Limo’s expression darkened again. He instructed, “Send people to search thoroughly. He will certainly retaliate for what happened to their headquarters, so all of you must be even more vigilant and cautious. Dispatch more people from the headquarters!”


After Xie Jiu left, Xie Limo stared at the night sky and thought to himself, “Wang Qianjin, perhaps we will meet real soon.” In fact, Xie Limo knew very well that if Wang Qianjin wanted to come to Ning An City, no one could stop him from coming.

Although Ning An City would be having a huge event soon, he would keep everything under his control.

When he returned to the bedroom, he found Yun Bixue still awake. She was leaning against the pillows while playing on the tablet. Xie Limo walked up to her and said gently, “Isn’t the game created for Grandfather to play? How come you’ve started playing it as well?”

Without looking up from the tablet, Yun Bixue answered cheerfully, “I think the game is interesting enough that it suits different age groups. Since you’re smarter than me, quick, help me pass this level.”

Xie Limo was rather amused. “I’ve never played this game before, so what makes you think I can help you win?”

“Hubby, I trust you. Quick!” As she said this, she passed the tablet to him, urging him to clear the level for her.