Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 851

Chapter 851 A Scrumptious Lunch

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Yun Bilu hopped towards the kitchen as she spoke. When she saw that her elder sister and Elder Sister Yaoyao were busy preparing the dishes, she almost drooled. “Elder Sister! Elder Sister Yaoyao! Both of you are too good at cooking. It smells so nice. I really want to eat them.”

Yun Bixue turned around to look at Yun Bilu. “If you want to eat, you can try them and tell us how they taste, but you cannot tell your brother-in-law about this, alright? He doesn’t allow me to go into the kitchen.”

Yun Bilu grabbed some chopsticks to pick up a piece of prawn and placed it in her mouth. It was a bit hot, but it felt great eating it. With her mouth full, Yun Bilu replied, “Elder Sister, rest assured that I won’t tell brother-in-law. But the reason why he doesn’t allow you in the kitchen is because he cares for you.”

Yun Bixue stirred the frying pan while she replied, “Young lady, you know what caring is?”

Yun Bilu picked up and ate a piece of chicken and let out an expression of bliss. “Of course I do. Brother-in-law treats you so well. I believe that Elder Sister Yaoyao can see that as well.”

Bai Yaoyao nodded her head. “That’s true, Bixue. Rest assured that Young Master Xie treats you really well. Frankly, he’s so much better than that Su Lenghan. Those who are in a relationship cannot see it themselves, but from an outsider’s perspective, one can see it clearly.”

“But I do find it a little regretful that brother-in-law has never proposed to you. I guess it’s not a great loss as long as he treats you well,” said Yun Bilu said in all earnestness, placing a hand on her waist as she said the last sentence.

Bai Yaoyao agreed. “Bixue, the Yun family does not care about those fake pleasantries. The fact that Young Master Xie treats you well is more important than anything.”

Bai Yaoyao’s words were heartfelt. To her, no one treated her well—Xirong Ziye did not treat her as a person. That was why if she met someone who cared about her and doted on her, she would definitely cherish that person.

Yun Bixue could sense both her sisters’ heartfelt concern for her, so her mood turned for the better.

Seeing how Bilu only cared about eating, she said, “Bilu, since your boyfriend is here as well, why don’t you help out and make a dish as well?”

Yun Bilu pointed at herself in shock. “Me?”

Both Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao nodded their heads in agreement. “Yup.”

Yun Bilu placed her chopsticks down and stretched her arms before grinning. “Elder Sister, Elder Sister Yaoyao, you have to help me, okay? I don’t cook often.”

“Of course.”

When all the dishes were out, Huang Yize was playing a game with Old Master Yun on a tablet. Old Master Yun kept smiling, and there were times when Huang Yize would advise him on what to do in the game.

Old Master Yun chuckled heartily. “The youngsters are indeed better. In just a single round, they can already surpass me.”

“Grandfather is very strong as well.”

Yun Bilu arranged the dishes nicely before she raised her voice. “It’s time for lunch. Today’s dishes are the best!”

When Huang Yize turned to see Yun Bilu clad awkwardly in an apron, he couldn’t stop the upward tilt of the corners of his mouth.

“Why are you looking at me? Is there something wrong with this apron?” Yun Bilu couldn’t help asking him.

Huang Yize shook his head before helping Old Master Yun stand up. In a gentle voice, he said, “Grandfather, let me help you to the table.”

Old Master Yun waved him away. “I can go there on my own. Go ahead. That girl, Bilu, is already anxious.”

Yun Bilu ran to Old Master Yun’s side and held his arm before she started complaining. “Grandfather, he has never treated me this gently, and yet he treats you so attentively and nicely.”

Old Master Yun chuckled. “We can all see how well he treats you, but you’re still not contented?”