Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 852

Chapter 852 The Truth Or The Lie?

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Hearing her grandfather’s words, Yun Bilu pouted. “Since when, Grandfather?”

Old Master Yun pretended to be angry. “Young lady, I’m warning you. Don’t bully Young Lad Huang in the future, do you hear me?”

“Grandfather, look at how big he is. Do you think I can bully him?”

Old Master Yun reached out and knocked on her head. “I know he will always let you have your way, so you will be able to bully him.”

“Grandfather, your heart’s biased.”

Yun Bixue chuckled. “Bilu, you need to know that the heart has never been at the center anyway. It’s slightly to the left.”

Yun Bilu let go of Old Master Yun and ran after Yun Bixue. “Geez, Elder Sister. You’re making fun of me!”

Yun Bixue ran around the living room but was eventually caught by Yun Bilu. “Okay, I give up! My dearest younger sister, I said the wrong thing.”

“You have to kiss me first before I let you go.” After speaking, Yun Bilu pointed at her cheek.

Yun Bixue had no choice but to bribe her with a peck on her cheek. “Is this fine, my best sister?”

This was a familiar scene for the two of them. When they fought as kids, this was the way they used to patch up after a fight—a show of their love.

Yun Bilu looked at her elder sister, her heart clenching all of a sudden. She remembered their childhood, and within a blink of an eye, her elder sister was getting married.

Yun Bixue felt emotional as well. She held Yun Bilu’s hand and said warmly, “Come, let’s go and have lunch.”


During lunch, the table was full of dishes, and everyone ate them happily. Yun Bilu declared loudly, “Feel free to eat all you want, alright? Don’t hold back.”

After a while, Yun Bilu noticed that no one had yet to try her dish. She used her chopsticks and placed a piece into Huang Yize’s bowl. “You have to eat more.”

After placing it in his bowl, Yun Bilu stared hard at Huang Yize, as though she wouldn’t stop unless he ate it.

Huang Yize was amused at Yun Bilu’s shining eyes. With that gaze of hers, even if she placed something terrible into his bowl, he had to finish it.

Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao exchanged a smile, silently agreeing not to say anything.

As for Old Master Yun, he continued to eat. He was oblivious to what was currently happening before him.

Under Yun Bilu’s expectant gaze, Huang Yize slowly but elegantly placed the eggplant into his mouth.

Yun Bilu looked at the graceful way he ate the eggplant. His fingers were so slender, and even his Adam’s apple moved elegantly when he swallowed.

Yun Bilu’s glimmering eyes were shining like stars. It was too beautiful and intoxicating. His elegance was incomparable, and she couldn’t help but swallow.

After a while, Yun Bilu asked expectantly, “How is it? Does it taste good?”

Huang Yize met Yun Bilu’s eyes. “Do you want to hear the truth or the lie?”

A truth or a lie? Yun Bilu tilted her head and thought about it. Her heart skipped a beat as she answered, “Well, I think it’s better for you to lie!”

Huang Yize snickered inwardly. “Alright, here’s the lie. This dish is delicious.”

Yun Bilu almost stood up. Shocked, she looked at Huang Yize with widened eyes and asked, “How did you know that I made this?”

Huang Yize smiled without saying anything. With his understanding of this girl, how could he not tell from that expression and gaze of hers?

Yun Bixue observed their interaction with an amused expression. She had to admit that the two of them were well-matched—only a man with a personality like Huang Yize’s would suit Yun Bilu.

Yun Bilu laughed sheepishly. “Yes, I did make it. Does it really taste horrible?” After speaking, she placed a piece of her dish into her mouth. Without even chewing it, she immediately stood up and rushed to the kitchen.