Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 853

Chapter 853 This Boyfriend Is Not Bad

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The moment Yun Bilu stepped into the kitchen, she filled a glass of water from the water dispenser and chugged it down.

After several gulps, she fanned herself with her hand. “This saltiness is going to kill me…”

Huang Yize kept his gaze in the direction of the kitchen ever since Yun Bilu ran into the kitchen. He felt a little helpless after seeing how much she drank. Whenever that girl got anxious, she seemed to lack a part of her brain.

Old Master Yun was startled as he did not know what had happened. “What happened to Bilu?”

Yun Bixue shook her head. “Grandfather, she’s fine. Please eat more. She probably thought of something and went to the kitchen to do it.” After speaking, she placed some food into her grandfather’s bowl.

Aunt Zhou served Old Master Yun by his side as well.

Bai Yaoyao had a hard time holding her smile. If there was no one around, she would probably be rolling on the floor, laughing hysterically.

Huang Yize was still a little worried. After apologizing to everyone, he said to Old Master Yun, “Grandfather, I’ll go take a look in the kitchen.”

“Okay, sure!”

Seeing Huang Yize walk towards the kitchen, Old Master Yun nodded in satisfaction. “Bilu’s boyfriend is pretty good. He really cares for her. For you two sisters to be able to find such reliable partners, I can finally rest assured. Yaoyao, you’re the only one left. You should find one too, okay? How about getting Bixue to find a few dates for you?”

Startled, Bai Yaoyao waved her hands quickly in front of her. “Grandfather, please don’t. I haven’t had enough free time. I don’t wish for someone to bother me yet.”

Old Master Yun disagreed. “That’s too bad. It’s better if you have someone protecting you. A girl on her own is too tough.” He watched over Bai Yaoyao as she grew up. She and Bixue were inseparable when they were young, so he treated her like his granddaughter as well.

Bai Yaoyao sent a pleading glance to Yun Bixue, but the latter pretended not to see it and agreed with Old Master Yun instead. “Yaoyao, Grandfather’s right. I have a few resources on my hands, and Limo has friends who he’s on good terms with. I think their characters should be acceptable. How about I arrange for you to meet them?” She recalled that Ling Nanchen mentioned that Limo had a few good friends.

Bai Yaoyao almost choked hearing Yun Bixue’s words. After coughing, she said, “Let’s just eat. I’m really hungry.”

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Yun Bilu felt that her tongue was salty no matter how much water she drank.

When Huang Yize entered the kitchen, he saw Yun Bilu with a hand on her waist as she chugged down water, mumbling under her breath. “This saltiness will be the death of me. I should never cook next time.”

“You know what’s salty?”

The sudden voice caused Yun Bilu to jump in shock. When she turned around and saw Huang Yize, she patted her chest to steady her heartbeat. “You scared me. You don’t make any noise when you walk.”

After speaking, Yun Bilu recovered from her shock and scrutinized Huang Yize from head to toe. She asked in confusion, “This is weird. You ate what I made as well, so why don’t you find it salty? You don’t need water? Or do you prefer dishes to be seasoned like that? You like salty food?”

Huang Yize rubbed between his brows. Yun Bilu’s words were going to drive him to his grave. “You want me to lose my manners in front of your grandfather and rush into the kitchen to chug water like you did?”

Yun Bilu shook her hands vehemently in front of her. Huang Yize’s expression did not seem very good, and she did not want to offend him. “T-That… That’s not it. I just wanted you to be the first to try what I made.”

Huang Yize’s expression softened, and he pointed outside. “There’s water and tea in the dining room, but you rushed in here to drink cold water?”