Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 854

Chapter 854 More Attentive Than The Both Of Us

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Yun Bilu gasped, realizing that Huang Yize was right. “I just wanted to drink water, so I didn’t think that there’s some on the table.”

After speaking, she rubbed her head and poured a glass of water for Huang Yize. “Well, it was pretty salty, so you should drink up too!”

Huang Yize took the glass of water from Yun Bilu and placed it on the countertop. He fixed her hair with his fingers and said, “You’re always messing up your hair. You look like a wild girl now.”

Yun Bilu pouted. “Grandfather always said the same thing.”

“So, what do you think about it?”

Yun Bilu’s thoughts came to a halt as she asked, “Huang Yize, are you a god? It was so salty. Are you sure you don’t want to drink water?”

Huang Yize spoke plainly, “I will drink later.” Of course, he wouldn’t tell her that as the young master of the Black Dragon Gang, he had been through a lot of training, including taking various poisons and drugs. A very salty dish was nothing to him. If he couldn’t even handle that, how could he handle anything else?

Yun Bilu clasped her hands together and looked at Huang Yize with sparkly eyes. In an awestruck voice, she exclaimed, “God, you’re my god!”

“Stop trying to suck up. Grandfather and the rest are still waiting for us. Let’s go back now!”

Yun Bilu followed Huang Yize to the dining room. Just as she was about to sit down, she let out a gasp and rushed towards the washroom, hugging her stomach in pain.

Worry flashed in Huang Yize’s eyes. One of his hands was supporting his head while the other was rubbing the furrow between his brows. This girl was going to worry him to death.

Old Master Yun was about to stand up as he asked in a worried tone, “What’s wrong with Bilu? Is she not feeling well?”

Yun Bixue stood up. “Grandfather, don’t worry. She probably drank too much water and went to the washroom. I will go take a look.”


When Yun Bixue reached the door of the washroom, she asked, “Bilu, are you alright?”

“Elder Sister, I’m fine!”

Although she heard that reply, Yun Bixue could hear Yun Bilu’s breathlessness. After a while, Yun Bilu came out hugging her stomach, her face as white as a ghost.

Yun Bixue was shocked and immediately went forward to help her. “What’s wrong?”

Yun Bilu really wanted to cry. Looking at her sister, she whined, “Elder Sister, I think I might have drunk too much water just now. My stomach feels bad.”

Yun Bixue understood what was wrong immediately. She turned around and squatted down while saying, “Here, climb on my back. I’ll carry you to the hospital to get you checked out.”

Seeing her elder sister’s frail figure bent down just like that, Yun Bilu was touched. Her heart clenched tightly as she recalled the time when they were young. Her elder sister would piggyback her like this when going home. Back then, her elder sister wasn’t that strong either, so she would wobble along the way as she tried her best to bring both of them home.

Yun Bilu sniffed and pretended as if nothing was wrong. “Elder Sister, you don’t have to be so anxious. I’m okay. It just hurts a little, but I’m a lot better. I’ll be fine after I use a heat pack.”

“No, you don’t look fine at all. You’re not a kid anymore, alright? Your health matters a lot.”

At that moment, Bai Yaoyao walked over. She eyed the siblings and sighed. “Bilu, listen to your elder sister. We used some excuse to distract Grandfather, so he believes you’re fine. Huang Yize had already called for a family doctor to come over and check you.”

Later, after the doctor checked her, she took the prescribed medicine and placed a heat pack on her stomach.

Meanwhile, Huang Yize was standing at the door. After seeing his worried expression, Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao exchanged a glance, and the former said to him, “Help us take care of her for now.”

Huang Yize nodded his head.

When Yun Bixue and Bai Yaoyao left, Bai Yaoyao whispered, “How was it? He’s even more attentive to Bilu than the both of us.”