Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 857

Chapter 857 Willingly

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The boys were reluctant to part with Bai Yaoyao and even asked her to watch their next basketball match. As for the girls, they were jealous of Bai Yaoyao’s good looks, but that did not affect her good mood.

When they drove off, Bai Yaoyao was singing in the car. It was obvious that the air around Bai Yaoyao had changed.

This was the Bai Yaoyao that Yun Bixue wanted to see.

When they reached home, it was already late in the night. Xie Limo and Huang Yize were playing chess. When he saw that Yun Bixue returned, Xie Limo immediately dropped the chess piece he had in his hand.

Huang Yize said, “Xie Limo, if your mind is distracted, then the winner has already been decided. You have lost this match.”

“I’m willing to lose!” Xie Limo’s words seemed to carry another meaning. After speaking, he moved towards Yun Bixue and said, “Welcome back.”

Yun Bixue replied cheerfully, “I’m home.”

“Remember to say something when you go out next time so that we don’t have to worry.”


When Yun Bilu came out of the bedroom and saw Bai Yaoyao, she gasped in surprise. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, you’re very pretty today. It’s like your aura has changed.”

Yun Bixue laughed. “Your Elder Sister Yaoyao bewitched tons of people today!”

“There was no such thing. Don’t listen to that nonsense your sister is spouting. I’m in a good mood today, so I want to cook a few dishes tonight. Do you want to help me?” After speaking, Bai Yaoyao raised her eyebrows.

Yun Bilu smiled sheepishly. “Elder Sister Yaoyao, I think it’s better if you cooked them yourself. Or you can get Aunt Zhou to help you instead of me.”

“No worries. I can do it alone.” She had learned a lot of culinary skills after being bored for so long at the White House.

Thinking about Xirong Ziye and the White House, Bai Yaoyao’s mood took a nosedive, but she did not feel as awful as before. She realized that there were things in life that were more meaningful. The walk outside and the visit to her old high school made her feel that life was still as colorful as it was before.

After seeing so many young faces earlier, her heart felt more youthful as well.

If she couldn’t become a soldier in the future, she wished to teach at a school and search for the joys in life.

When Bai Yaoyao left for the kitchen, Yun Bilu raised a thumb at her sister and said in an impressed tone, “Elder Sister, you’re still the most capable.”

“You just have to treat the problem at its cause. I went to Ning An First High School with her today.”

Yun Bilu hugged Yun Bixue and said, “I was actually wondering if you went to First High today since you’re dressed like that. A lot of guys were looking at you, right? Did any of them chase after you?”

Yun Bixue suddenly felt a chilling gaze from behind. When she looked back and met Xie Limo’s flickering gaze, she knew that there was a high chance that her husband’s jealousy would cause her not to be able to step down from the bed tonight.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she quickly pushed Yun Bilu away. “Don’t spout nonsense. I only took Bai Yaoyao there to get a change of mood. I was only looking from afar.” After speaking, Yun Bixue wanted to bite off her own tongue. She even mentioned how Bai Yaoyao mesmerized so many boys. Oh no, what would Xie Limo think after he heard all that?

After dinner, Yun Bixue wanted to find an excuse to avoid sleeping in their bedroom, so she squeezed herself between Bai Yaoyao and Yun Bilu and suggested sleeping together.

However, with just a cold glance from Xie Limo, Bai Yaoyao and Yun Bilu quickly pushed her away, saying that they were used to sleeping alone.

Yun Bixue could only walk into the bedroom under Xie Limo’s scrutiny. In a coaxing tone, she said, “Hubby, today was really just to take Bai Yaoyao out for a walk.” After speaking, she looked into his eyes. Within them were dark roaring waves, capable of swallowing her entire being.

Naturally, Yun Bixue was familiar with that sort of gaze. Her heart trembled, and it was as though electricity ran through her body.