Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 862

Chapter 862 Country A Belongs To The Northern Xie And Southern Wang

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After hearing Xie Limo’s words, Qin Huailing had a sudden feeling that a storm was brewing in the capital.

In fact, the capital had never been at peace. There was always something happening beneath the surface. However, if Xie Limo went to Tian Jing City, would the ripples beneath the surface finally be revealed?

As long as those families who were against Xie Limo posed a danger to Yun Bixue, he would eradicate them.

Looking at things from another point of view, whatever Xie Limo did was considered reasonable. After all, it was the Northern Xie and Southern Wang. The northern part of Country A rightfully came under the control of the Xie clan. However, after hundreds of years, most people had long forgotten the power of the Xie clan and had become used to controlling everything within their hands.

It was just like the various noble families in Ning An City who had controlled the city all along. When the Xie clan took over the city, they refused to accept it, and their families were ultimately annihilated.

After much thought, Qin Huailing came to the realization that Country A belonged to the Northern Xie and Southern Wang. If the rich and powerful families in the capital did not accept this, their ultimate fate would probably be annihilation by Xie Limo’s hand.

Of course, this process would definitely be more rigorous and intense than Ning An City, and his heart suddenly swelled with agitation. “I want to go to Tian Jing City as well.” As he said that, Qin Huailing looked deep into Xie Limo’s eyes with determination.

Xie Limo returned Qin Huailing’s gaze and nodded.

This gesture alone was enough to make Qin Huailing feel at ease.

He wanted to go to Tian Jing City too. It was impossible for him to forget what the Yuan family did to him in the past. Furthermore, he had been thinking about it all these years. The Yuan family had used their eldest daughter to get close to him. Had this been their ploy from the start?

However, this was no longer important now. The most important thing was that once his legs have recovered, he would definitely seek revenge for all that had been done to him.

The days passed as usual, calm but heartwarming. During this time, Xie Limo and Yun Bixue discussed their wedding preparations and were loving to each other as always.

Bai Yaoyao stared at the two of them and would occasionally have the thought that sometimes, love need not be intense and bustling. This kind of calm and peaceful life was a form of love and warmth as well.

Ever since she went to Ning An First High School, Bai Yaoyao’s personality seemed to have reverted to her past self. She no longer stayed at home the whole day and would go out alone to eat or watch a movie.

Whenever she saw a familiar-looking car pass by while walking on the streets, her heart would stir momentarily as she turned back to take another look at it.

She felt that the car was really similar, but in reality, it was not the same.

She shook her head and laughed at herself. How could Duan Yanhao come to Ning An City? No matter how similar the car was, it would not be his car.

For some reason, both of them rarely contacted each other now. Maybe because he was busy as well.

However, these things did not matter now. Life still had to go on. Bai Yaoyao looked up and stared at the clear blue sky. She breathed in the air around her and felt that life was actually pretty good and that she should spend more time outdoors.

On this day, Yun Bixue came home from work and found no one in the house. She thought it was strange. Everyone was still at home when she went out in the morning!

She glanced at the clock and saw that it was only five o’clock. Xie Limo did not allow her to step into the kitchen, but she wanted to cook dinner. Should she go ahead and prepare their dinner, or should she just wait for Xie Limo to come back?

She called Grandfather, Bilu, Bai Yaoyao, and the rest, but none of them picked up her calls. Her heart thumped as she started to worry.

Yun Bixue turned pale as she called Xie Limo. “Limo, there’s no one at home right now. None of them were picking up my calls. Do you think something happened to them?”

On the other end of the line, Xie Limo’s calm and comforting voice said, “Grandfather and the rest went out for dinner. They called me earlier, so I arranged for some bodyguards to protect them. Don’t worry.”