Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 867

Chapter 867 I Want To Walk With You

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Hearing Yun Bixue’s question, Xie Limo thought for a while before replying, “Should be around three to four years old!”

Shocked, Yun Bixue almost choked on her food. She coughed a few times before asking, “Three to four years old?”

Xie Limo patted her back gently as he said, “Take it easy, alright? Look at you. You totally don’t look like a bride who has just been proposed to.”

Yun Bixue gave Xie Limo a reproachful look as she said, “I am your wife to begin with.” Although she said that, she still felt very ecstatic and emotional today, and her lips could not help curving up into a smile.

Xie Limo explained, “As the successor of the Xie clan, their expectations of me were very high, so they had been very strict with me. The rules of the Xie clan are equally strict as well. My mother could not raise me alone and had to leave me in the training hall to undergo training. However, she won the recognition of the Xie household through her hard work and charisma. Though she did not dare to openly oppose the matron of the Xie clan back then, my mother still managed to break many of the rules. One of them is personally raising her son.”

Yun Bixue could feel Ji Qiongxin’s hardships from listening to Xie Limo’s words. She thought that Ji Qiongxin must have been very impressive, and hence, she developed a new wave of admiration for her.

“I must work hard and become even more impressive than Mum.”

“My dear wife has ambition.”

“I’m being serious right now!”

“I know. Don’t be too hard on yourself, okay? You have me.”

Yun Bixue smiled and placed a piece of lamb in Xie Limo’s mouth. “My dear Mr. Xie isn’t almighty either. We’re together in this.”


Yun Bilu and Huang Yize had a barbecue grill to themselves. Yun Bilu was eating some skewered meat as she watched her elder sister and brother-in-law in glee, unable to hide the happiness in her eyes.

“You can be so happy just by looking at your elder sister and brother-in-law?”

“You don’t understand. My elder sister suffered a lot before. With my brother-in-law giving her happiness now, as her younger sister, of course I’m happy for her. I can finally be at ease.”

Huang Yize shook his head and laughed. “Sometimes, I feel like you’re the elder sister, always worrying so much.”

Yun Bilu shook her head. “No, actually I caused a lot of trouble when I was a kid. My elder sister was always the one settling the trouble for me. Sometimes, when I don’t return after it gets dark, she would go out to find me personally. If I got injured from fighting someone, she would piggyback me. She’s so skinny and fragile. Thinking about it, it was like a miracle that she managed to carry me back home.”

Huang Yize sank into deep thought. He felt this pair of sisters had such a strong relationship that could not be easily broken by others. It was actually really rare to have such strong kinship ties in a noble family.

Earlier, when he went to pick up Xie Yaocang and Ji Qiongxin with Xie Jiu, he asked them not to expose his identity. After all, he did not want Yun Bilu to know his identity for now.

Xie Yaocang and Ji Qiongxin were very excited to see him. They did not expect him to be able to attend Xie Limo’s wedding. After they heard the reason, the smiles on their faces beamed even brighter.

At that time, Xie Yaocang even sighed and said, “Yize, back then me and your father almost arranged a betrothal between you and Xie Limo. Of course, since both of you are boys, we couldn’t. But this is pretty great too. We’ll also be family in the future.”

“Uncle, please don’t let the Black Dragon Gang know about this for now. I want to handle this myself.”

Xie Yaocang nodded. “Don’t worry. If you meet any difficulties, Uncle will help you out!”

“Huang Yize, your meat’s all burned. What are you thinking about?”

Hearing Yun Bilu’s voice, Huang Yize regained his composure and answered, “After a few days, your elder sister and brother-in-law will be taking their wedding photos. You should also behave yourself and be less loud. Help them think if there’s anything that they missed out? Also, we need to start giving out the wedding invites. There’s not much time left.”