Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 870

Chapter 870 Taking Engagement Photos

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Yun Bixue’s face flushed beautifully, spreading across her cheeks. She pushed Xie Limo away gently and exclaimed, “Everyone is looking at us!”

Xie Limo caressed Yun Bixue’s head. “Let them see! Didn’t you say before that we won’t lose anything even if they looked at us?”

Yun Bixue quickly removed Xie Limo’s hand. “The hairstylist styled my hair nicely, so don’t mess it up.”

At that moment, Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao arrived and brought some food. Passing some of them to Yun Bixue, Yun Bilu said, “Elder Sister, eat first. I’m sure you’re tired from working so hard.”

Yun Bixue looked at the food before her and replied, “The lipstick will smudge if I eat.”

Bai Yaoyao passed a piece of wet tissue to her. “Use this to wipe it off. After you’re done eating, you can reapply the lipstick.”

Yun Bixue nodded and wiped the lipstick away. She nibbled on the snacks to fill her stomach. Looking at Xie Limo, who was standing there elegantly, she asked, “Why aren’t you eating?”

“I ate a lot during breakfast, so I’m not hungry.”

Because Yun Bixue had been moving around in high heels throughout the photoshoot, her feet became tired.

As she walked, she felt weakness in her legs. She had a hard time walking properly, so she removed her heels, planning to carry them until they arrived at their next location.

Looking at her, Xie Limo asked softly, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I’ll just walk barefooted.”

Xie Limo’s heart ached a little before he carried Yun Bixue to a bench. He kneeled down to help her wear her heels and said, “The ground is cold. What would we do if you injured your feet?”

Yun Bixue stuck her tongue out. “The heels of these shoes are too thin. I’m not used to wearing them.”

Hearing that statement, Xie Limo understood immediately. “We can change it to another pair,” he said as he caressed her head.

“I want us to get the best shots, and these shoes go best with this gown. Don’t worry, I’ll just wear them again when we reach the place for the photoshoot.”

“How can that be okay?” Xie Limo caressed her head then placed his palms at the soles of her feet to warm them.

Yun Bixue immediately retracted her feet. She had been walking barefoot on the ground, so her feet were dirty.

However, Xie Limo grabbed onto them, not giving her a chance to retreat. He continued to use his palms to warm them as he chastised gently, “You’re not taking care of yourself. If you caught a cold from it, it’s bad for your body. Isn’t your period coming up soon?”

Yun Bixue gaped, stunned speechless. Even she had forgotten about her period. “Hubby, you know my period’s schedule better than myself.”

“Because you’re too careless. Don’t touch anything cold, so you won’t catch a cold, alright?”

Yun Bixue raised her head and looked at Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao, who were just behind him. She bowed her head shyly and said, “They can see and hear all these.”

“One’s your younger sister while the other is your best friend, so what are you afraid of?”

Yun Bixue quickly pushed Xie Limo away. “Quick, they’re going to take our photos. Don’t let me delay the schedule, alright? I’m fine now, so just let me wear the heels.”

Xie Limo did not pass the heels to her. Instead, he kneeled down to allow her to climb on his back. “I’ll carry you so you don’t have to wear those heels.”

Yun Bixue felt a little embarrassed about it. Yun Bilu ran up excitedly and took the heels from her, saying, “Hurry up. Brother-in-law’s going to get tired from kneeling for so long.”

“Bixue, climb on my back now. We’re waiting for the photoshoot to be done so we can go back and celebrate.”

Yun Bixue had no choice but to climb on Xie Limo’s back. A warm feeling spread across her heart as she thought of his actions and attentiveness. After a while, her feet stopped hurting.

They changed from location to location in that manner—with Xie Limo carrying Yun Bixue, while Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao carried their things and followed behind.

Whenever they reached a new location, Yun Bixue would wear the heels again.