Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 871

Chapter 871 : Burned Gowns

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The photographer could not help but praise the couple. Sometimes, he would take shots of Xie Limo carrying Yun Bixue as they walked, capturing the couple’s affection for each other in the most natural and heartwarming state.

Yun Bilu hopped as she followed along behind. During the break, she called Huang Yize and told him, “Huang Yize, during the engagement shoot, my elder sister was being carried around by my brother-in-law.”

Huang Yize’s voice came from the cell phone, saying, “So, what you are hinting at is that you want me to carry you next time?”

Yun Bilu’s intentions were exposed immediately. In a loud voice, she faked ignorance and replied, “Oh, I wouldn’t dare. Are you still keeping grandfather company at home?”


“Eat well for lunch, okay? I’m gonna be busy again.”

After a few sentences, she hung up her phone. Somehow, just hearing Huang Yize’s voice and knowing that he was at home calmed her mind and satisfied her heart.

While they were taking their break, a few children ran over to play. No one had their guard up against them. After a while, the children lit the gowns on fire.

They only realized it when the nearby greenery already caught fire. It was Yun Bilu who noticed and took action quickly, calling the firemen to put out the fire. Unfortunately, the gowns were already burned.

The children who lit the gowns on fire were still singing as they ran, “Oh, oh, it’s burning! Bad people! We will burn the bad people!”

Bai Yaoyao ran up and caught two of the boys, while the remaining three were caught by the bodyguards who were hidden in the shadows.

Yun Bixue furrowed her brows and stared coldly at the children. The oldest was only ten years old, while the youngest was around five years old. It was unimaginable that they were already capable of doing such things.

Yun Bixue puffed up in anger, but she was not angry at the children. Rather, she was angry at the people who tried to use them.

When they were taking the photos, numerous men of sacrifice would surround and protect them so that no one suspicious could get near. However, since they were children, no one had their guard up against them.

One could imagine what a happy occasion an engagement photoshoot should be. However, since someone had burned the gowns you were going to wear, that sort of feeling was the same as being burned yourself.

Yun Bixue clenched her fists tightly as she stared furiously at the children, as though trying to burn through them by directing all her fury at them.

Perhaps it was Yun Bixue’s icy glare that made the children shuffle backwards in fright. The youngest child even said, “Bad person! You’re the evil woman. You’re the evil stepmother in fairy tales.”

The child articulated each and every syllable clearly, chilling Yun Bixue’s heart further as it spread across her entire self.

She had always thought that she had never done anything bad and never harmed any children. However, one day, if the purest of children insinuated such things about them, no one would be able to stand it.

Yun Bilu had her hand on her waist as she pointed at the children. “Who taught you kids that? How old are you? You already know how to do these bad things. Do you believe me when I say that I can get the police to arrest you, huh?”

The oldest kid retorted boldly, “We’re not scared. You guys are the bad ones.”

Yun Bilu gritted her teeth. “Fine then. You still think that you did the right thing?” As she spoke, she rolled up her sleeves, as though she was going to spank them on their butts.

Frankly speaking, she couldn’t contain her anger. If they were adults, she would have long kicked them, but since they were only kids, she could only give them a sound spanking.