Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 873

Chapter 873 The Sudden Squall

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With her hands on the heads of the children, Yun Bixue kneeled down and asked, “You kids don’t have any family. Are you willing to follow me? I will arrange for people to make sure that you get to eat.”

Hearing that they would be able to eat, the children instantly perked up.

Yun Bixue looked at Xie Limo, and he gave her an encouraging expression. No matter what she planned to do, he would support her.

Later, Xie Jiu took the children away and had Yun Bilu follow them. After all, girls were better at taking care of kids.

Because of this incident, Yun Bixue was no longer in the mood to continue with the photoshoot, so Xie Limo could only push the session to a later date.

Bai Yaoyao looked at Yun Bixue and remarked, “You’re still so kind.”

Yun Bixue looked at her burned gowns and sighed. After shaking her head, she replied, “Those children were quite pitiful. Besides, it’s not their fault. The ones at fault are those people who used them.”

“But this won’t solve the problem at all. There are many children in Ning An City, so even if you help these kids, what if the mastermind used the other kids? Also, you are about to have your wedding ceremony with Young Master Xie, so it’s better to find a proper solution as soon as possible.” Bai Yaoyao crossed her arms in front of her chest as she said this in a worried voice.

Yun Bixue felt that Bai Yaoyao’s words made sense. They had to find a solution. Out of habit, she turned and looked at Xie Limo again. “Is it better for us to find a solution now?”

Xie Limo nodded his head, and something cold shone in his magnificent eyes. He spoke plainly, “We won’t let the Fang family off, but these children also reflected the problem with adolescence education in Ning An City. That’s something for us to think about. I will host a major meeting when I get back and do something about it.”

Hearing Xie Limo’s words, Yun Bixue understood that he had something in mind.

Since the incident spoiled their mood, they packed up and got ready to head back home.

However, not long after, rain clouds covered the entire sky, and the winds started to rampage.

Facing the strong gusts of winds, Yun Bixue could hardly keep her eyes open.

Xie Limo tugged Yun Bixue along as he commented, “From the looks of it, it’s going to be a squall. Get on the car quickly. Let’s go back now.”

Bai Yaoyao followed closely behind them, and the photographers rushed towards their cars as well.

A moment later, lightning flashed across the skies, and rain started pouring down. The team had yet to get on their cars and were drenched within seconds.

After opening the car doors and getting inside with difficulty, everyone drove back.

Because of the pouring rain, Xie Limo drove quickly, not daring to drag on any longer. “There’s a towel in the compartment in front of you. Use it to dry yourself.”

Yun Bixue was wringing her clothes. Upon hearing Xie Limo’s words, she quickly took out the towel and was about to dry him first.

Xie Limo shook his head, his expression hardening as he said, “Don’t worry about me. Dry your hair first so that you don’t catch a cold.”

It was rare for Xie Limo to speak so sternly, so Yun Bixue knew that she should not disturb him while he was driving. She dried her hair and eyed the car behind them from the rearview mirror. She phoned Bai Yaoyao and asked, “Yaoyao, are you guys okay there?”

Bai Yaoyao was drying herself with a piece of clothing as she replied, “Bixue, don’t worry about us. We’re fine. Our priority now is to get back quickly. All I can hope is for this heavy rain not to cause a traffic jam.”

“Okay, tell the driver to follow our car back without stopping.”


The rain continued pouring as the winds howled. Since visibility was low, Yun Bixue did not dare to talk, afraid that she would distract Xie Limo and affect his driving.