Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 874

Chapter 874 With You By My Side Im Not Afraid

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Yun Bixue anxiously looked out the car window. The rain was pouring so heavily that a flood would be possible, and water might get inside the car.

Yun Bixue had all sorts of worry in her mind, but she could only maintain a stiff expression as she kept calm.

She looked at Xie Limo from time to time and saw his tense expression. No matter what happened in the past, Xie Limo would regard it indifferently—he had never been this serious.

She knew that problems were likely to arise from today’s rain.

When they decided on the date of the photoshoot, they did not know that there would be a squall. Her expression shifted, and she rushed to say, “Limo, I think there’s something wrong with the photography team.”

Xie Limo caressed the back of Yun Bixue’s hand and assured her. “Don’t worry. Stay calm first.”

Yun Bixue took in huge gulps of air. “Okay, nothing will happen.”

“I’ve already arranged for the hidden guards of the Xie family to come.”

“Okay.” Yun Bixue believed that as long as Xie Limo was around, they would be safe. Even if there’s any danger, she had nothing to be afraid of as long as he was by her side.

At that moment, Xie Limo’s phone rang. Yun Bixue helped retrieve it from his pocket and answered immediately when she saw that it was Ji Qiongxin.

“Limo, where are you guys? We couldn’t reach you earlier. I’ve seen on the news that there are traffic jams everywhere because of the flood. Water is getting inside the cars now. Are you okay? Your father and I are both worried sick.”

Yun Bixue held the cell phone as she said, “Mum. it’s me.”

“Oh, is this Bixue? Are you okay? Where are you? Are you with Limo?”

Hearing Ji Qiongxin’s worried voice, Yun Bixue replied, “Yes, Mum. I’m with Limo, and he’s driving right now so we can get home quickly. We’re safe and will be reaching home soon.”

“I’m easily worried lately. Before, no matter what dangers we faced, I’ve never worried this much. But now that I heard your voice, I can calm down.”

Yun Bixue could understand the feelings of a mother. After explaining their situation and location, they heard a sound of something exploding—the car was shot.

Xie Limo turned on the anti-bullet system to secure the car, then continued to drive calmly.

On a sloping road with accumulated water, Xie Limo swerved the car towards the side to avoid the flood. Although they were safe, it was a pretty close shave.

Yun Bixue gritted her teeth and took out the pistol in the car to ready herself.

Without knowing how long has passed since the car was shot, Yun Bixue’s brows furrowed as her expression stiffened. She had just noticed that the car behind was no longer following them.

Although Xie Limo was driving quickly, the car eventually got stuck in the accumulated water, so much so that it was hard for the car to continue moving on. Water then started accumulating bit by bit inside the car.

Xie Limo gave Yun Bixue a sidelong glance then asked, “Are you scared?”

Yun Bixue hid a smile as she shook her head. She gripped Xie Limo’s tense and cold arm before answering, “With you here, I’m not scared. Even if I were to die here, as long as you’re with me, I’m not afraid.” Right now, she only had Limo in her mind.

Seeing Yun Bixue’s serious expression, Xie Limo’s tense expression relaxed. He leaned sideways to drape his arm around her shoulders and asked, “Silly, do you really think we will be trapped here like this?”

“I even heard gunshots. Someone must be trying to use this chance to harm us. I will climb on the roof and do my best to shoot them down. Even if I die here, I must take down a few of them to cushion my fall. Do they think that the shooting practice I went through was useless?”

Xie Limo chuckled as he patted her back. “My wife is too cute. With me here, we won’t die anytime soon.”