Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 875

Chapter 875 Aircraft Rescue

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Xie Limo felt more at ease. Even under this situation, his wife had such a great attitude. Compared to when he first met her, her EQ had improved a lot.

Yun Bixue blinked her eyes and pushed Xie Limo’s arm aside. “Hubby, do you really know how we can get out of this situation?” With the flood surrounding them, they couldn’t walk even if they left the car.

Not only that, but there were gunshots around too, so there was basically nowhere to hide. If she did not think through it rationally, she wouldn’t have said such things as well.

Xie Limo patted her shoulder and replied warmly, “You think that I ordered for the hidden guards of Xie family for fun?”

Yun Bixue frowned as she analyzed further. “Even if they wanted to, they couldn’t fly. In this flood, how will they rescue us? Unless they plan on using a boat? By the time they reach us, it would be too late.”

Just when Yun Bixue finished speaking, she heard the sound of a helicopter above them. Her eyes sparkled as she gaped. “They actually flew here?”

The hidden guards of the Xie family followed the GPS signal on Young Master Xie’s car and flew over to rescue.

They have been specially trained for this kind of rescue as well. Four helicopters surrounded the car in a square formation for protection, while the guards were equipped with bulletproof attire. Each of them carried guns equipped with silencers. They would first protect the top of Xie Limo’s car and surround them carefully before pulling Yun Bixue and Xie Limo up to the helicopter.

After the two of them were finally rescued, Ji Qiongxin felt at ease when she saw them come home safely. She quickly made them drink a bowl of ginger soup before rushing them to take a bath.

Yun Bixue was thinking of letting Xie Limo use the second floor’s shower while she used the one on the first floor.

However, Ji Qiongxin had an open mind and said, “Since you’re already married, there’s nothing wrong with taking a bath together. Go on!”

And with that, Yun Bixue was pushed into the shower with her face beet-red by Xie Limo.

There had been too many dangers today, so Xie Limo simply scrubbed her back for her. After bathing and changing into fresh clothes, Yun Bixue finally felt safe.

However, the fact that she had yet to hear news from Bai Yaoyao was worrying her. “Didn’t the helicopter go and rescue them? Why haven’t we heard from them?”

“Stay calm and wait for the news.”

Yun Bixue held on to a glass of hot water as she paced back and forth, worry evident in her face.

She looked at Xie Limo’s calm expression and couldn’t help but mumble under her breath, “Bilu isn’t back yet either. She’s not answering my calls. I don’t even know if she managed to help the kids settle down or not.”

“Huang Yize went to find Bilu. If it’s him, Bilu will definitely be safe.”

Yun Bixue nodded her head and stood by the window, looking at the pouring rain outside. Sighing, she said, “Limo, today’s rain was not planned by anyone, but someone from the photography team must have leaked information. I guess someone from Tian Jing City is trying to assassinate us. They knew that we will definitely go to the capital after our wedding, so they’re trying to stop us, and the only way they could do it was through assassination. This probably involves more than a single party, don’t you think? Anyway, these are just wild guesses.”

Xie Limo walked over and tugged her hand down to sit on the bed. “Your guesses are not bad, and your critical thinking has improved as well. That was exactly what I thought. Since they want to take us down, why don’t we return the favor and take them down as well?”

Yun Bixue’s eyes shone. “You mean to say that we will send someone to Tian Jing City to do what they did to us?”