Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 876

Chapter 876 Heart Grown Weaker

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Xie Limo tapped his slender fingers against the bed. His expression was indifferent as he replied, “That’s right.”

Yun Bixue met Xie Limo’s resolute gaze and asked, “Hubby, the Yun family has a few men of sacrifice in the capital too. Should I order them to step in?”

Xie Limo waved his hand. “Not for now. I’ve made my own arrangements. Since they want to cause an uproar in Ning An City, I’ll make things even worse in the capital.”

“But we don’t know who’s behind the assassination attempt earlier. Are we going to cast our net wide?”

Xie Limo held Yun Bixue’s hands and said, “Even if we don’t know which family planned it, we’ll surely find a lead.”

At that moment, Xie Limo’s expression was cold yet serene. He looked as though he was in the midst of preparation and had everyone under control.

After analyzing things in her head, Yun Bixue couldn’t sit still. She continuously made calls on her phone but to no avail. She then ran to the window and looked at the torrential rain outside. Wondering when the rain would stop, she began to feel even more worried for Bai Yaoyao and Yun Bilu.

It was only mid-afternoon, but the dark clouds covered the sky, making it as dark as night.

After a while, the sounds of knocking came from outside the bedroom. Yun Bixue opened the door only to see Ji Qiongxin. Behind her were servants were carrying some dishes.

Ji Qiongxin said, “I bet you didn’t have a proper meal for lunch, so I’ve got them to prepare these for both of you. I’m not bothering you, am I?”

Yun Bixue could see the intense concern in Ji Qiongxin’s eyes. She smiled and answered, “Mom, we’re fine. You’re not bothering us. We were just discussing some matters.”

Ji Qiongxin felt more relaxed as she said, “Eat these then, okay? Don’t let your imagination run wild. You’ve already sent people to rescue them, so they will definitely come back.” As she spoke, she got the servants to place the dishes on the study table.

“Mom, I’m sorry we made you worry.”

“As long as you’re safe and sound, I feel rest assured.” After a moment’s pause, Ji Qiongxin looked at Xie Limo and said, “There’s something fishy with what happened today, but your father and I will not interfere. I know you want to settle this yourself.”

Xie Limo nodded, warmth spreading through his heart. Country A was where he wanted to reshuffle the power-holders, wielding control over them. His parents had given him ample authority and allowed him to do things himself. This was how they showed their love for him.

He wouldn’t say too many things to them, but among the huge Xie family, he understood his parents’ expectations for him, and that the same time, he could also feel their love and warmth.

After Ji Qiongxin left, Yun Bixue arranged the chairs. Passing the chopsticks to Xie Limo, she said, “Let’s eat!”

Xie Limo walked over gracefully and sat down, eating his food quietly.

Frankly speaking, Yun Bixue had no appetite at all, but since her mother-in-law had personally delivered the food to them, she must eat well to appreciate her efforts. She drank some soup first to warm up her stomach. After a while, she asked, “Does Mom know what happened?”

“She is the matron of the Xie family and is extremely astute. Do you think we can hide anything from her?”

Yun Bixue looked rather doubtful. “But Mom appeared quite calm.”

“This is nothing but a small matter to her. She knows that I’ll handle this well.”

Yun Bixue nodded. “If I were to have such a smart son in the future, I wouldn’t need to rack my brains too.”

Xie Limo gently knocked on her head. “With me around, do you still need to rack your brains?”

Yun Bixue scooped a bowl of soup for him and stirred it with her own spoon. She sighed before saying, “I feel that my heart has grown weaker. I know that you’re very capable, but I still feel worried. I want to share your burdens with you.”

Xie Limo’s lips moved slightly. With a glittering gaze, his actions turned gentle as he said, “If you already feel that way, you’ll only worry even more when you have a son in the future.”