Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 877

Chapter 877 Going Home Safely

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As the heir of the Xie family, he matured much faster than others his age. Even now, he understood what his parents felt. In fact, he thought that the only way to truly experience the love his parents had for him was to become a father himself!

He glanced briefly at Yun Bixue’s tummy and heaved a sigh of relief quietly. Fortunately, only the two of them were around now. If she really were pregnant, she wouldn’t be able to handle such a perilous day like today.

Therefore, he could only wait for things to settle down before considering to have a child.

Even though Xie Limo was occupied eating his meal, he paid close attention to Yun Bixue’s expressions. She looked rather gloomy and just drank soup, rarely touching the other dishes. Using his chopsticks, he picked up a few pieces of vegetables and placed them in her bowl. He said, “Eat more. You’ll have more energy in the afternoon that way.”

Although Yun Bixue understood him, she simply didn’t have an appetite. She could only force herself to take several mouthfuls.

She was afraid that Ji Qiongxin would get worried if they ate too little. That was why she began scooping all the dishes into Xie Limo’s bowl.

Xie Limo raised his brows as he asked, “Are you trying to make my stomach burst from all these food?”

Yun Bixue couldn’t bring herself to smile and just chewed on her chopsticks, staring at those dishes. After a moment, she raised her head and looked at him, saying pitifully, “I have a small appetite, but yours is rather big. Eat as much as you can.”

Xie Limo understood that she was doing this because she didn’t want his mother to worry. Therefore, he ate everything that he could. However, looking at her thin face, he picked some dishes and put them into her bowl. “Eat all of these, and I’ll finish the rest.”

Yun Bixue dug her chopsticks into the bowl and nodded miserably.

Xie Limo watched her eat her food slowly and continued to finish his portion.

The rain continued to pour outside. Yun Bilu, together with the five children, was stuck in a building. She had intended to buy new clothes for them so they could change out of their current worn ones, but she didn’t expect the rain to be so heavy. Not only that, her cell phone’s battery ran out.

Xie Jiu sent a group of men to rescue them, and she could only wait patiently.

The five children remained quiet too, not bothering Yun Bilu at all. They just stood quietly beside her and watched the heavy downpour without a word.

After a while, Xie Jiu arrived with the rescue team. The people who were stuck in the building were rescued as well, and Xie Jiu made arrangements for all five children. Afterwards, they escorted Yun Bilu and were about to bring her back to the villa.

When Yun Bilu finally got on the boat, she put on the life jacket and raincoat that the rescue team offered her. She heaved a sigh of relief, wishing to go home quickly so that her elder sister wouldn’t worry about her.

After putting on the raincoat, she raised her head and saw one of her rescuers. She was completely stunned as she asked, “Huang… Huang Yize… Why are you here?”

Huang Yize raised his brows as he rowed the boat. He replied calmly, “Why? Are you surprised to see me?”

Yun Bilu began to stutter. “Erm… No…” She just felt that it was weird for him to come. Why was he dressed as a rescuer too?

Huang Yize didn’t answer any more of Yun Bilu’s questions. The rain pelted down so strongly that the droplets hurt as they fell on their bodies. Huang Yize retrieved another protective layer of outerwear for Yun Bilu and said, “Sit properly. You’ll be home very soon.”

Yun Bilu heard his solemn words and felt somewhat safe. She didn’t worry anymore and closed her eyes, anticipating the time they would be arriving home.

Later, when the two of them were finally home, Yun Bixue hurriedly rushed out of the house. Seeing that her younger sister had returned, she could finally feel at ease.

Old Master Yun’s tense expressions also softened as he said over and over again, “It’s great to have you back… It’s great to have you back…”