Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 879

Chapter 879 Charity Orphanage

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With gritted teeth, Bai Yaoyao said, “I’m still too weak. If only I had a weapon back then. No matter what, I would try to kill Li Zhong myself.”

Yun Bixue held Bai Yaoyao’s hands and replied, “Stop thinking about it. You just woke up and haven’t eaten anything. I’ll get the servants in the kitchen to heat your food up.”

“I’m not hungry. Just give me some soup.”


When Bai Yaoyao got out of bed, she asked Yun Bixue solemnly, “Your wedding is in a few days. What will happen to your engagement shoot?”

Yun Bixue was pouring a glass of water for her when she heard the question. She answered, “With today’s technology, an indoor photoshoot can become an outdoor one. Besides, we were almost done after shooting the whole morning, so I don’t mind.”

Bai Yaoyao looked in the mirror and fixed her hair. “You’re just too laid-back and don’t care much about a lot of things. No wonder those people feel you’re an easy target.”

“After being through so much, I cherish the people around me now. That’s why I don’t care about anything else. Don’t you feel that way too?”

With Yun Bixue throwing the question back at her, she took the glass of water and wondered. That’s true. She didn’t care about anything else too. What mattered to her most was the person who loved her the most.

After three days, Ning An City had returned to normal. The areas that had been destroyed by the flood were reconstructed hastily. However, the citizens felt downcast due to this disaster, and smiles were rarely seen on their faces.

Shortly after, the five families—with the Fang family leading them—were seized. Their shops and properties were auctioned away, and most of them were taken over by small to mid-ranked households who put their forces together. Once that was done, some of the smaller households who attended the business meeting quickly became powerful. During the auction, they bought the properties belonging to those noble families, and this increased their wealth and status instantly. In a split second, they joined the ranks of the noble families.

The master of the Fang family couldn’t believe that they had been arrested. As the police dragged him out, he began to scream, feeling wronged.

On the other hand, Yun Bixue held the five children and stopped in front of the master of the Fang family. She glared at him and asked coldly, “Master Fang, are these kids familiar to you? You tried to harm and use them against me.”

“Yun Bixue, indeed, I can’t hide anything from you!”

Yun Bixue replied confidently, “If I want to find out about anything in Ning An City, I can. Now that all of your plans have fallen through, the Fang family will disappear from Ning An City. If your descendants were to read history in the future, they would know how their family met its doom.”

“You… You…” Master Fang was so incensed that he passed out.

Yun Bixue just watched him coolly. She would never pity someone who tried to take advantage of children. Moreover, the Fang family had joined forces with the other four families and repeatedly tried to kill her. Only a fool would spare them.

Later, the political headquarters arranged for a meeting to discuss the recent disaster. This resulted in a series of preventive measures specifically targeting storms in Ning An City.

After seeing the measures put in place, bright smiles began to appear on the citizens’ faces.

Also, Yun Bixue set up a charity orphanage in the city under the Snow Cloud Group’s name. The orphanage specially adopted abandoned children and offered them proper education and care.

This move was met with praise from the citizens. Snow Cloud Group became an even more beloved and respected organization amongst them, and their product sales grew even more. What Yun Bixue did was even more effective than advertising.

The orphanage also received tremendous support from society. Many people sponsored the orphanage, and the city government also began to set up a fund for it.

With this positive energy surging through the entire Ning An City, the atmosphere instantly livened up.