Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 88

Chapter 88: Apathy And Alienation

Meng Xintong thought for a good while and her expression changed. She said calmly, "I'm not sure what matter Miss Yun wants me to face head-on."

"Have you considered staying in the Meng family instead of leaving? Let the world know about you. Then you can control the entire Meng family, and then your fate will be in your own hands."

Listening to Yun Bixue's words, Meng Xintong's hands trembled slightly, almost dropping her. Her eyes were wide with disbelief, and she could almost hear her own heart pumping. "How, how would that be possible?"

Yun Bixue smiled faintly. "Why wouldn't it be? Are you willing to just sit by and watch as the Meng family falls into the hands of those people, who will then go to all sorts of lengths to get rid of you? Kick you aside once you outlive your usefulness? Are you willing to part ways with Young Master Lin? According to my research, the Lin family is quite well-off. They have a harmonious and warm family, and Mr. Lin is also an outstanding student. He's talented and filial, and his morals are decent as well. Are you really willing to miss all of that, just because of that tiny bit of fear in your heart?" Yun Bixue pressured her with questions.

An inner struggle started within Meng Xintong. She'd had these kinds of thoughts before, but she never dared to overly dwell on them. She feared that those thoughts would drive her to do something crazy. However, everything sounded natural when they were being said by Yun Bixue.

After talking for a while, Yun Bixue sensed that Meng Xintong's stance had started to sway. She hurriedly added, "If need be, I will help you. I will ensure that you won't lose. Think about your mother. Think about how they treated her."

The morning had passed, and the two of them reached an agreement. Just like how they had arrived to meet up, they both left separately and discreetly. It appeared that no one else knew about their meet-up.

In the meantime, Meng Xinyan was anxiously looking for Su Lenghan. She needed to explain the situation to him, to prevent his possible misunderstanding due to the news reports.

However, when she arrived at the Su Family Organization, the receptionists at the front desk were less than enthusiastic towards her. "Sorry, Miss Meng, Young Master Su is absent."

Meng Xinyan's face was a little pale from her anxiety, and she looked slightly flustered too. "He's usually always in his office, why is he absent today?"

"Miss Meng, I have just called his office. Secretary Zhao has told me that Young Master Su is indeed absent!"

"I'll go find him myself!" Meng Xinyan declared as she started heading for the lift that led to Su Lenghan's office.

"I'm very sorry, Miss Meng. Since you do not have an appointment or are under Young Master Su's orders, you can't enter the CEO's office." The receptionist maintained his professional smile, but his tone was filled with indifference.

Meng Xinyan's gentle features grew cold. "Are you new around here? Don't you know that I am Young Master Su's fiance? I don't need to book an appointment to see Young Master Su." She felt a little panicked. She hadn't been able to reach Lenghan through his cell phone earlier, and she still couldn't meet him despite coming to the company.

Just as she was panicking, Su Lenghan entered elegantly and gracefully from the front door. Seeing Meng Xinyan, he was taken aback.

"Lenghan." After finally seeing the person occupying her mind all this time, Meng Xinyan felt a bit of sadness, but a lot more longing. She had so much to say to him, yet she didn't know where to begin.

Su Lenghan looked at her flustered and worn figure and nodded. "You have come."

Meng Xinyan was shocked. She hurried forward. "Lenghan, don't trust what you've seen on the news. That isn't true. You must believe me, I... " How was she going to explain all this? Her mind was very confused now, and she didn't know how to deal with the apathy and alienation in Su Lenghan's voice.