Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 880

Chapter 880 Announcing The Wedding

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The citizens of Ning An City were all smiling radiantly as this positive energy brightened their moods up.

Just as they were slowly feeling better, news spread across the entire city at an alarming speed—Young Master Xie and Young Madam would be holding their wedding ceremony in two days.

When the announcement was made, the wedding invitations were sent out at the same time.

The news almost stupefied everyone, but it also made them very excited. This was a wonderful piece of news in Ning An City, and it washed away the misery in everyone’s hearts.

Everyone seemed to be in a festive mood. All the households began to buy red lanterns to hang outside their homes. Some of them even went to the malls to purchase new outfits, intending to wear them during the wedding day.

The crowds in the malls grew over the next couple of days, and the shop owners were all amazed and pleased. They welcomed an even more massive crowd than they usually did over the new year, and their daily sales increased sharply.

Some families even bought finer and special food, as though they were rewarding themselves over a festive celebration.

With the owners profiting from this occasion, the bonuses of their employees rose too. The customers came in consistent waves, and their faces were all decorated with happy smiles.

However, everyone was curious why they hadn’t known that the two of them had been engaged earlier. After giving it some thought, they realized that Young Master Xie and Young Madam had always been low profile, and they respected the couple’s privacy.

Old Master Yun’s villa was decorated with colorful lanterns too. A sea of red washed over the house, and it was incredibly joyous.

Yun Bixue’s custom-made gown had been flown over, and it was accompanied by other accessories such as the Ocean Star, a tiara with a dragon and phoenix design, and a traditional dress.

When Yun Bixue saw the whole ensemble, she was so happy that she couldn’t even speak. They were absolutely gorgeous. As she looked at Xie Limo, her eyes were shining with excitement and unspeakable joy.

Yun Bilu exclaimed by the side, “Wow, it’s beautiful! What is this? Ahh! I remember now. Isn’t this the legendary Ocean Star? Oh my! I’m actually seeing it with my own eyes. I learned about it from books and the Internet, and now I’ve finally seen it up close! Hurry, let me touch it!”

Yun Bilu squealed in delight as she held the accessories. Picking them up, she asked Bai Yaoyao to take photos of her.

Seeing how excited Yun Bilu looked, as though it was her own wedding, the corners of Bai Yaoyao’s lips twitched uncontrollably.

“Come on, Elder Sister Yaoyao. Take a picture of me!”

“I should get Young Master Huang to take them for you!”

Yun Bilu held Bai Yaoyao’s hand and swayed it. Pouting, she said, “Don’t do it. I’m still afraid of the look in his eyes. You should take pretty shots for me instead.”

Bai Yaoyao pointed at Huang Yize, who was just walking in from outside. “Oh, your boyfriend is here now. He should be the one keeping you company, right? I have to prepare to be Bixue’s bridesmaid and take a look at the heirloom tiara. I just love it!”

Yun Bilu exclaimed, “I love all of them!” She was really elated. Although she was not the one getting married, she felt happy too as she looked at her elder sister.

Huang Yize walked over and saw Yun Bilu carrying the accessories while chuckling away. She was laughing as brightly as the sun.

He reminded her, “You’re so muddle-headed. Don’t lose your elder sister’s things, alright? Put them by the side properly.”

Yun Bilu felt upset and whined, “I just want to take a closer look and take some pictures. I can’t even do that?”

Huang Yize rubbed his brows and answered, “When it’s your turn to get married, you’ll have accessories that you like and will suit you too.”