Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 881

Chapter 881 Congratulatory Gift

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Yun Bilu looked at the accessories in her hands, reluctant to put them down. She raised her head and looked at the ceiling dreamily. “But it’s still a long time before I get married. I don’t even know when that will be.”

Sighing, Yun Bilu continued speaking. “I bet we won’t be able to afford something like this, but I’ll still try my best. My café is doing pretty well these days, and my profits are great too.”

Huang Yize always felt like smacking Yun Bilu to knock some sense into her, but he would just clench his jaw and bear with it. Seeing how pensive she looked, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

He rested his head against his hand and rubbed his brows, wondering why Yun Bilu thought that he was poor.

Or did she think that he was poor just because he couldn’t afford these accessories?

Huang Yize wanted to pry open Yun Bilu’s head and see what was inside. However, he didn’t say a single word. Instead, he turned around and walked towards Xie Limo and the rest to see if they needed help.

Yun Bilu didn’t know why Huang Yize had ignored her. She scrutinized the words that she had said earlier and didn’t find anything wrong with them.

Yun Bixue really loved that white gown and the traditional dress. She also was greatly fond of the accompanying accessories. They were indeed much more beautiful than in photos.

After trying them on, Yun Bixue was exceptionally pleased.

Seeing how satisfied and happy Yun Bixue looked, Xie Limo felt better. Otherwise, he would think that he hadn’t done enough and owed it to her.

After the two of them announced their wedding, all the noble families in Ning An City began to fight to send them gifts. A long queue formed outside the villa, and it became a shocking sight to behold. Above them, the view of a plane flying was breathtaking.

Xie Limo specially arranged for some subordinates to accept these gifts, and also to return the favor based on the sender’s tastes and preferences.

After sending the gifts, many masters of the noble families felt more at ease. They thought that this meant that Young Master Xie had accepted them and implied that they were worthy enough to attend Young Master Xie’s wedding. This was also a proof of their status.

Later that night, when they received Young Master Xie’s gift, they were so taken aback that they didn’t even know how to respond. As they looked at the invitation and the antique that was given to them, they almost cried tears of joy.

They hugged the antique lovingly throughout the night.

Some of the families also received paintings that they loved. They didn’t know where they should display it—they didn’t even allow others to touch it.

Everyone became even more faithful to Young Master Xie now, and their respect for him increased as well.

In fact, these items were not really a big deal to the Xie family, and they didn’t bother with them at all. However, to these families in Ning An City, they were priceless gems. They could boost a rising family’s status by multiple folds.

The Su Family

Su Lenghan asked his mother to look after his child while he smoked in the study. Amidst the smoke, his expression was vague and looked rather solemn.

Looking at the invitation on the table, the sharp pain in his heart grew even more apparent as memories of the past floated into his head uncontrollably. He only realized now that it had been so wonderful in the past.

Looking at the night sky outside, he felt that it reflected his mood perfectly—dark and perpetually gloomy. He picked up the invitation and opened it. Seeing the two names written on it, the look in his eyes changed. He then picked up his phone to send a congratulatory text, but he didn’t know what to say.

In the end, he sighed quietly and left the study to get his subordinates to send them a gift.

While Su Lenghan’s personal assistant was packing the gifts, Su Lengxian saw them. As she looked at the items on the list, she was stunned. “Elder Brother, these are your precious items that you’ve kept for years. Why are you giving all of them away?”