Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 882

Chapter 882 Owe It To Her

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Su Lengxian thought that these were things that her elder brother had always kept in their basement. No one was allowed to touch them at all. She only knew about this because she had once accidentally entered the basement and discovered his precious treasures. They were also extremely pricey items.

Back then, no matter how much he had doted on her, he still lost his temper. After that incident, she no longer dared to touch her brother’s things.

She had never imagined that her elder brother was going to give away their family’s heirloom, the jade sculpture, as well as many other precious accessories away as congratulatory gifts to Young Master Xie and Yun Bixue.

Su Lengxian had a hard time accepting it. She thought that what his brother was doing was incredible and couldn’t understand what he was thinking.

Hearing Su Lengxian’s shocked voice, Su Lenghan said calmly, “Lengxian, I’ve already prepared accessories and other gifts for your wedding. You won’t lose out, so don’t worry.”

Su Lengxian shuddered and answered, “Elder Brother, I’m not talking about that.”

“Lengxian, after going through so much, do you still care so much about all these material things?”

After being questioned by Su Lenghan, Su Lengxian’s face went pale. She was reminded of how foolish she had been in the past. If she hadn’t lusted for power and been greedy for possessing more than the Su family, her elder brother wouldn’t be in this state now.

She still felt guilty about what she did to her elder brother. If she were to still desire a lot of material things, it would surely disappoint him.

The blood ran from Su Lengxian’s face, making her as white as a sheet. She didn’t even know how to answer his question.

Back then, she had interfered continuously with her elder brother’s relationships. She was very jealous and didn’t know where she stood. She felt extremely entitled at that time too.

The more she thought of her past, the more she wanted to find a hole and hide in it.

Su Lenghan didn’t notice Su Lengxian’s expression and merely watched the night sky. He said, “They saved Yangyang too. Even if I send these gifts over, I’ll still feel that they’re not enough.”

Su Lengxian shivered and suddenly recalled that day when Yangyang fell into the water, and how Yun Bixue and Xie Limo had saved her. She was overwhelmed with guilt instantly, and her face turned incredibly hot.

Su Lengxian didn’t even know where to place her hands and didn’t dare to look at her elder brother anymore. She bowed her head and said softly, “Elder Brother, I’m sorry. I—”

“Lengxian, let me tell you something. Even if I were to give the entire Su family to them, I’d still feel like I owe her something. Do you know why?”

Hearing her elder brother’s heartfelt words, Su Lengxian immediately widened her eyes. She couldn’t believe what she had just heard. She stuttered, “Elder brother… You… Is that true?”

“Lengxian, I’ve never lied to you.”

Su Lengxian’s mouth gaped, and she tried to say something. However, she failed as she couldn’t find any words to refute him. Their Su family had indeed done Yun Bixue wrong, but she didn’t mind the past and still helped the Su family tremendously. To put it simply, if Yun Bixue hadn’t been benevolent and forgiving, the Su family would have ended up like the Shen family.

Moreover, it was fortunate that Yangyang received their help too. Yun Bixue had truly helped the Su family. Even if she refused to admit it, Su Lengxian knew that that was a fact.

After some time, she took in a deep breath and said, “Elder Brother, I understand.”

Su Lenghan sighed. “Lengxian, you’re all grown up now. You must strike out your own path in the future. Don’t be so willful anymore, alright?”

Su Lengxian listened to her elder brother’s words. She didn’t know why, but she really felt like crying. At that moment, her heart ached terribly.