Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 883

Chapter 883 An Yexuan Is Unnerved

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In the past, Su Lengxian had always been selfish and only thought of herself. After getting together with Zhou Yang, she began to realize how wrong the things she did in the past were and slowly learned to be considerate of others.

Hearing her brother’s words, she really felt like crying. Her heart ached for her brother. If her brother could find another woman, she would no longer feel jealous.

However, her brother did not want to find another woman, no matter how tough things were or how tired he was.

She thought that her brother would probably live the rest of his life in guilt towards Yun Bixue.

However, she was in no position to advise her brother. After all, she had a big part to play in those things that resulted in her brother’s current situation.

The An family, in the capital Tian Jing City

The moment An Yexuan heard about Yun Bixue and Xie Limo’s wedding, his expression turned icy cold. He tightened his grip on the pen in his hand, almost snapping it in half.

“Yun Bixue!” Saying her name gave him a mix of complicated emotions. It could be murderous intent or pure hatred, but there was also a sense of unexplainable sadness.

He reasoned with himself and pointed the cause of his sadness to Chu Fei’er.

In the end, An Yexuan threw the pen on the floor.

After thinking for a while, he called for someone to arrange something. He muttered coldly in the direction of Ning An City, “Yun Bixue, I’ll send you a wedding gift that you’ll remember for a long time.”

However, right after saying that, An Yexuan clutched his heart as he felt a surge of unexplainable sadness within him. He burst out laughing bitterly. What right did Yun Bixue have to deserve happiness, while his heart felt empty and lost?

His expression changed, and he suddenly shouted, “Come in!”

“Yes, does Young Master An have any orders?”

“Arrange a car for me. I want to go to Ning An City now. Someone is holding a wedding, so how can I not be there?”

“Young Master An, it’s late at night now!”

After thinking about it, An Yexuan replied, “They are holding their wedding the day after tomorrow. It won’t be too late even if I go to Ning An City tomorrow morning. You can go back first!”


The next morning, however, An Yexuan could not go to Ning An City anymore. A series of car accidents had happened overnight at the important checkpoints of the capital, blocking off the overpass and highways leading to Ning An City. For many hours, traffic on the streets came to a halt, as though the cars were parked in a parking lot.

Hearing this news, An Yexuan’s expression hardened and did not relax even after a long time.

He said coldly, “If we can’t go by road, arrange for a plane!”

He had a feeling that the traffic jam was deliberately orchestrated by someone, or else why would it happen at such a coincidental timing?

The subordinate did not really understand why Young Master An was so insistent on attending that person’s wedding. Such stubborn and obstinate behavior made him really perplexed, but he had no choice but to comply with his orders.

Just when the subordinate was arranging for a plane to come, someone hurriedly passed a photo to Young Master An.

After seeing that photo, An Yexuan started trembling. He grabbed the collar of the person who passed the photo to him and shouted anxiously, “Quick, tell me! Where did you get this photo?”

“A person wearing a cap and sunglasses passed it to me. He said you will definitely want to know this.”

After An Yexuan regained his composure, he immediately ordered in a calm manner, “Get someone to tail this person at once. You must find him at all costs.” The person in the photo was definitely Chu Fei’er, even though it was only showing that person’s back. He would never be mistaken. Furthermore, the photo was new. What did this mean?

Chu Fei’er must still be alive and living well. An Yexuan felt as though his heart was about to jump out right now. He felt his face turning red from tensing up so much.

After giving his order, he looked at the photo again in earnest. The background was, indeed, the capital—that building was even built just last year. Even if he was only seeing a woman’s back, he would definitely be able to recognize it as Chu Fei’er’s.