Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 884

Chapter 884 Young Master Wangs Thoughts

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An Yexuan held the photo in his hand agitatedly. He would most likely not be attending Xie Limo and Yun Bixue’s wedding now because he felt that nothing could compare to this news. Chu Fei’er was the dream he had been holding on to for the past few years. It had always bothered him, making him unable to focus on doing other things.

Indeed, this was great news. She was still alive, and being alive was what mattered the most.

An Yexuan stared at the photo and said to himself, “Fei’er, you’re still alive. You’re still alive.” He was solely hung on the news that Chu Fei’er was still alive. Moreover, he did not understand why she did not come to look for him.

In the midst of An Yexuan’s agitation, his subordinate had already arranged for a plane. He approached him and said, “Young Master An, the plane is ready.”

An Yexuan finally recalled what he had just planned to do. He thought deeply for a moment before saying, “Cancel this schedule. Get all the surveillance recordings of this building instead. You must find out the whereabouts of this lady.”


In some villa, when Young Master Wang heard his subordinate’s report, a hint of interest flashed in his intoxicating eyes. He rested one hand on the table while stroking his chin with the other, his expression unreadable.

“Young Master Wang, why did you send that photo to Young Master An?”

“Are you dumb? I am the only person who should go and spice things up at someone’s wedding. Won’t An Yexuan just make matters worse if he goes?” Actually, Wang Qianjin just did not want An Yexuan to get in his way.

Previously, when Wang Qianjin met Yun Bixue, he just felt a little curious—he found her interesting and fun. It was also only after Xie Limo attacked the headquarters of the Wang family that he thought of planning a counterattack.

Since he was going to counterattack, he had to know his enemy like the back of his hand so that he would not be defeated. That was why he tasked someone to check on Yun Bixue’s background.

No matter how much information people could cover up, they still could not escape the wide reach of the Wang family’s information sources. In the end, he managed to dig out some information and conflicts.

In short, Chu Fei’er occupied a huge part of Yun Bixue’s life. If not for this person, An Yexuan would not have used the An family to pressure Ning An City and drive the Yun family to bankruptcy.

If that did not happen to the Yun family, Su Lenghan would probably not have abandoned Yun Bixue, and Yun Bixue would most likely not have gotten together with Xie Limo after that.

Under Wang Qianjin’s analysis, Chu Fei’er played a critical role in this. Of course, the reason why he had news of Chu Fei’er was also top secret.

He suddenly felt like the game was becoming more and more interesting. His life was pretty boring at first, but he believed that this would no longer be the case in the future.

Wang Qianjin thought for a while before he narrowed his intoxicating eyes and said, “Say, if a woman really got married, would I be able to snatch her away if I wanted to?”

“Young Master Wang, your charms are unbeatable in this world. No woman can really resist you.”

Wang Qianjin chuckled enchantingly. He put his arms lazily at the back of his head and said calmly, “Although your words sound a bit too flattering, I like it a lot. With my charms, it wouldn’t be an issue even if I let them finish their wedding.”

The subordinate did not understand what Young Master Wang was thinking, but as long as Young Master Wang was pleased, their days would be much easier to live.

“Xie Limo is still asking people to track my whereabouts. Is he scared that I will ruin his wedding? What if I do the opposite this time?” Wang Qianjin muttered to himself before he finally nodded. “I helped you stall off An Yexuan. You should be grateful to me, actually.”

Not long after, the manager of the clubhouse brought two beautiful ladies in to suck up to Young Master Wang.

However, Wang Qianjin was totally unaffected when he saw the two beautiful women. He had no interest in them at all. It was no different from looking at some cabbages to him. In an intoxicating yet icy cold tone, he ordered, “Get them out of my sight.”