Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 885

Chapter 885 The Last Call

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The manager had always heard of how much Young Master Wang loved beauties. That was why he painstakingly handpicked these two out thousands of others. He thought that he would be able to elevate his significance in front of Young Master Wang by doing this, but little did he expect that Young Master Wang would be displeased after taking a look at them.

The manager really wanted to cry. He thought that if these two beauties were unable to catch Young Master Wang’s interest, then what kind of woman would?

In the end, he could only lead the two women out. However, after seeing Young Master Wang, the two women could not take their eyes off him. They had never seen such a man with such an intoxicating charm. He was like a night spirit—a red spider lily that people could not help being bewitched by.

Seeing the murderous intent in Wang Qianjin’s eyes, the manager’s heart jumped in fright. He immediately dragged the two women away with him.

When they were a distance away, that manager wiped the cold sweat off his forehead and scolded them. “How can that person be someone you guys can easily look at? You two almost lost your lives just now, did you even know that? Be more careful next time.”

A chill ran down the two beauties’ spines as they started to break out in cold sweat. They could not believe how such a charming man could be so terrifying.

Within a day, auspicious celebratory banners could be seen hanging all around Ning An City. The streets bustled with a festive and celebratory atmosphere, and everyone couldn’t help but feel the joyous occasion in the atmosphere. Needless to say, all the citizens were very excited as they looked forward to the wedding.

All the reporters took the occasion seriously. They wanted to be in their best condition to report live from the wedding venue.

Yun Bixue was actually very nervous. Thinking of how she was going to be a bride tomorrow, she could not help feeling panicky and anxious the whole day. Despite that, she still had the sweetest smile on her face.

After Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao came back, both of them excitedly told Yun Bixue about the situation outside. “Elder Sister, it’s so happening! It’s even livelier than celebrating the New Year! I went to buy some stuff with Elder Sister Yaoyao, but we can’t even squeeze into the mall. There are long lines at the supermarket too. There’s just too many people!”

Yun Bixue held her laughter as she said, “Is everyone as excited as us over my wedding ceremony to Limo?”

“Elder Sister, you really didn’t notice? You and Brother-in-law are Ning An City’s leaders! You’re the city’s mother and first lady, right? Naturally, your wedding is a big thing. It represents the prosperity of the whole Ning An City!”

“How do you know this much?”

Yun Bilu just chuckled and said, “My elder sister will be the most beautiful tomorrow. I’m so excited for you too!”

That evening, Su Lenghan received Meng Xinyan’s call—the latter wanted to see Yangyang.

Su Lenghan could only sigh and reply, “Meng Xinyan, how are you going to prove that you won’t harm Yangyang? As a mother, how could you even bear to harm your own daughter?”

Hearing Su Lenghan’s words, Meng Xinyan started screaming at him. “Su Lenghan, you’re doing this on purpose! You won’t let me see Yangyang because you want to attend that slut Yun Bixue’s wedding tomorrow, right? I’m not wrong, am I? You’re still thinking of her, but I won’t allow you to attend her wedding.”

“Meng Xinyan, stop being so ridiculous. Take care of yourself from now on. Don’t say vulgar words as well.”

“Su Lenghan, I’m telling you now, if you don’t take me seriously, someone else will. Even without the Meng family, you can’t do anything to me!”

Su Lenghan thought that Meng Xinyan was just saying those words in a fit of rage. However, when it was midnight, he suddenly received a call from his secretary, Zhao Wei. After hearing the news, he was so startled that he bolted upright in shock.

The Su Family Organization’s finance manager had actually embezzled and ran away with all the company’s existing funds!

Su Lenghan broke out in a cold sweat. When he drove to the Su Family Organization that very night, he knew that he would be unable to attend Yun Bixue’s wedding tomorrow.