Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 888

Chapter 888 The Liveliness At Dawn

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When everyone came out, they held small flags and banners as they looked on excitedly at the streets.

The reporters had even begun reporting before the sun was up.

What shocked everyone was how the entire street was laid with red carpets. With no end in sight, it stretched all the way to the wedding venue.

Before the sky turned bright, everyone could see the red and cheerful colors that decorated the streets around them, making everyone feel joyous for the occasion as well.

Since everyone turned up on the streets early in the morning, the streets were not quiet at all. There were already people clad in red costumes giving out fruits, candy, bread, and other things.

Everyone was amazed. “Young Master Xie’s wedding has such a human touch to it. He even remembered to give out food to us.”

“There’s even bread and milk!”

“The milk is still warm. They know we haven’t had breakfast and still gave this out for us. Drinking this really warms my heart.”

“You don’t say. Ever since Young Master Xie became our leader, which of the things he did was not in consideration for us citizens?”

“I feel so excited right now! I know I’m not the one getting married, but I still feel super excited!”

“I can’t wait too. Who knows how the ceremony would look like? I heard that it will be really lively!”

“I heard there would be all sorts of performances, and famous celebrities of Country A would be coming as well. It will be such a pleasing sight.”

“Thank goodness we came out early and snagged a good spot! We can have a clear view.”

Just as everyone was eating and chatting happily, a team of dragon and lion dancers performed along the streets, entertaining the people and preventing them from getting bored.

“Oh, oh! Mum, look! There’s a lion dance! So cool.”


The lion dance team continued to entertain the crowd. Everyone could not take their eyes off the performance and did not feel like the waiting time was long at all. They were all in high spirits as they watched.

“Young Master Xie is so considerate. He had really thought of everything.”

“Yeah, letting us watch this lion dance definitely prevented us from being bored while waiting!”

While the streets outside were bustling with activity, the whole family in the villa ate breakfast before dawn. After Yun Bixue ate a red egg, Ji Qiongxin picked up a dumpling and gave it to her to eat.

Yun Bixue was still feeling a little nervous and said, “Mum, I’m full. I really can’t eat anymore.” As she said that, she even looked at Xie Limo pitifully.

Xie Limo said in a gentle voice, “Try to eat some because you won’t be able to eat for the whole morning. You probably won’t be able to eat in the afternoon either.”

“Alright!” Hearing Xie Limo’s words, Yun Bixue could only continue eating.

Xie Limo kept coaxing and tempting her. Unknowingly, she had already eaten half a plate of dumplings.

Ji Qiongxin watched on and smiled as her eyes curved into crescents. She secretly gave her son a thumbs up—Xie Limo indeed had his ways.

Old Master Yun was elated and ate a few dumplings as well. As for Yun Bilu and Bai Yaoyao, they were very excited as well and looked forward to fulfilling their respective roles later. The two had a huge appetite and ate their fill.

The other bridesmaids included Wang Man, Li Guile, and many others.

As for the best man, Ling Nanchen, he brought a few of his good friends with him to be part of the groom’s entourage. Everything could be said to be arranged nicely. All that was left was for the bride and groom to make their entrance.

After breakfast, Yun Bixue became even more beautiful under the care of the professional makeup and styling team. When she wore the custom-made wedding gown, everyone was astounded by her beauty.

“Wow, Elder Sister is so beautiful! She’s just like a fairy in a dream.”

“If this were a drama, she would be the most stunning female lead.”

Later, when Xie Limo saw her, his eyes shone with a gentle glow.