Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 89

Chapter 89: Pleading For His Trust

The best debutante of days past had shed all her previous grandeur and was just as anxious as a commoner now. "Lenghan, you need to trust me, you have to trust me." Meng Xinyan only felt a deep sadness in her heart now. Su Lenghan's apathy was too much for her to bear.

He wasn't like this in the past. He had been so gentle to her. After basking in his love and care, how could she accept his coldness now?

He should have hugged her. Instead, his eyes were cold, as though she was a stranger.

"Lenghan, please say something. Don't be like this. I feel very sad," said Meng Xinyan as she fought back her tears. She didn't care much for how she looked nowall she could think about was Su Lenghan.

Su Lenghan looked at the haggard and weak Meng Xinyan and finally gave in. He sighed softly and said, "This isn't the place to talk. Follow me to my office!"

Meng Xinyan hurriedly dried her tears that were on the verge of falling and caught up with Su Lenghan's footsteps. Entering the VIP lift, she kept her eyes on Su Lenghan who appeared distant. She wanted to say something but was only met with the urge to cry.

Ever since she could remember, she had been raised as a debutante. She had always cared for her public image. Otherwise, she wouldn't have been dubbed the best debutante in Ning An City. She was a goddess in many people's eyes.

However, all she could think about now was him. She could no longer hide her emotions. She just wanted to act out her feelings instinctively, even if that meant crying.

With a 'ding!', the elevator doors opened. Su Lenghan exited the elevator with grace and elegance. Meng Xinyan recovered from her thoughts and hurriedly followed in her heels. In her haste, she missed a step and sprained her ankle; she drew a sharp breath from the pain.

Su Lenghan turned around and saw Meng Xinyan following him with her sprained ankle. He pursed his thin lips and walked up to her. Lifting her with his arms, he carried her into his office.

Meng Xinyan lay cleverly in Su Lenghan's embrace and breathed a sigh of relief. She knew that she still had a place in his heart.

Entering the office, Su Lenghan placed Meng Xinyan on the sofa. He dialed a number on his cell phone and requested for the Su's family doctor to tend to Meng Xinyan's ankle.

Meng Xinyan asked with caution, "Lenghan, do you believe what they've been reporting in the news?"

Su Lenghan shut his eyes and said softly, "Xinyan, I've been very tired recently." There wasn't any hint of discontent nor blame in his voice. It really did seem like he was exhausted, with a few worries in mind.

However, this kind of response was devastating to Meng Xinyan. She was absolutely flustered. With eyes wide open, she went up to him, ignoring the pain in her ankle. She hugged him tightly and leaned against his chest. "Lenghan, I will keep you company, and I'll make sure that you're well rested. It's all my fault. The news reports had it all wrong, they really did! My parents stopped me from seeing you. Surely you know that I can't say no to my parents' orders... I didn't mean to meet with that person. My father told me that he was a friend of his, and he asked me to go over all of a sudden... Lenghan, everything I'm telling you is the truth. You have to trust me!"

Meng Xinyan stumbled over her words as she hugged Su Lenghan even tighter. She rested her head against his heart, just as she did when they first got together. It seemed that this was the only way they could find that warmth they had felt at the beginning of their relationship.

After considering it for a long while, Su Lenghan extended his hand and returned Meng Xinyan's embrace. Taking in her scent, his disappointment only grew stronger.

Sensing that Su Lenghan was starting to get lost in his own thoughts, Meng Xinyan went on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his. She kissed him gently, tracing the outline of his lips with her tongue.

Time passed slowly, and eventually, Su Lenghan hugged Meng Xinyan, cupped her head, and fervently returned her kiss.