Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 890

Chapter 890 Ice Cold Temperature

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The crowd could not take their eyes off the performances. They jumped and cheered in excitement and took photos all the time. Even the reporters almost forgot about reporting and kept taking more shots so that they can write a good story.

Although it was very lively, be it in the air or on land, security was all around to prevent any untoward and dangerous incidents from happening.

Yun Bixue acknowledged the crowd by waving her hand at them, fitting the image of a good first lady of the city. This won over more and more people’s hearts.

As for Xie Limo, he was pristinely elegant, making people unable to take their eyes off him. Many young ladies blushed and stared at them excitedly. Most of them were congratulatory stares, just like when a fan was admiring their ultimate idol. Although you liked him, you know that he was also like any other person and had his own life, and therefore, you would wish him happiness too.

Everyone pulled out their banners and screamed, “Congratulations on Your Wedding!”

Yun Bixue waved around and said, “Hello!”

This parade stirred the entire Ning An City, and everyone gushed with excitement and blessings for the couple.

Of course, there were those who were secretly jealous of them, but could not do anything about it. Young Master Xie and Miss Yun’s swift and resolute methods made everyone shudder in fear, and these people had no choice but to live their lives more honestly.

Although they felt jealous and hateful, they had to admit that today’s wedding had only just begun, and it was enough to stun everyone and make them admire the couple.

In a certain place, Chu Fei’er stared intensely at the satellite TV news of Ning An City. Seeing how the wedding looked like, she got so mad that she threw the remote control at the TV.

“Very well, Yun Bixue. I’ll let you enjoy your special day for a while. Just wait and see!”

Seeing Yun Bixue smiling so radiantly and beautifully, she felt so enraged that she almost went ballistic.

“Yun Bixue, what gives you the right to deserve this while I have to suffer so much?” Chu Fei’er screamed at the television as she clenched her fists. Her palms were oozing with blood as her nails pierced through her skin. Despite that, she did not feel any pain.

Seeing how Xie Limo cared for Yun Bixue on screen and how loving both of them looked, Chu Fei’er was, indeed, about to go crazy. She grabbed a knife from the kitchen and was about to whack the television into pieces.

However, right at that moment, the sound of a door opening could be heard. Chu Fei’er trembled at once and put down the knife. She quietened down instantly.

A man wearing a pair of black leather shoes walked in. Every step he took felt as though he was stepping on Chu Fei’er’s heart. She trembled again before a slender, pale hand lifted her chin and planted a kiss before Chu Fei’er’s blank gaze. It was a bone-chilling kiss, which made her tremble involuntarily.

“You’re scared of me?”

Chu Fei’er immediately shook her head.

“Good. I spent so much effort to save you. Don’t do anything out of hand behind my back.”


The slender, cold hand patted her face and said, “Yeah, be good. Don’t make trouble for me.”

After that person left, Chu Fei’er felt as though she just had a dream. That man came and went like the wind, yet he had an air around him that was as cold as ice, making her break out in cold sweat.

Chu Fei’er continued trembling as she turned off the TV. She immediately took out her phone to call someone. No matter what, she could not stand seeing how sweet and lovely Yun Bixue looked. She wanted to rip that face apart.

However, no matter how many times she called, the person she was calling did not pick up the phone.

A moment later, her private phone rang. The person she had sent out told her that An Yexuan received news that she was still alive and had mobilized all the resources of the An family to find her whereabouts.

The moment Chu Fei’er thought of An Yexuan, she became very calm. Her lips curved into a strange and vague smile.