Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 891

Chapter 891 Chu Feiers Call

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Even though Chu Fei’er felt that now was not the time to meet An Yexuan, she decided to use him since he had already confirmed that she was still alive. Not only that, but the An family still wielded a lot of power, and she could definitely use that power to her advantage.

As for An Yexuan, she admitted that she fell for him in the past. However, after all those things had happened, she felt like he was just a distant person to her now.

Still, the An family was certainly a pawn she must use.

She giggled in a strange and cold tone. Right from the start, she understood men, so she knew how to manipulate their hearts. Didn’t Yun Bixue make An Yexuan’s heart ache at the beginning too?

That was why she would make An Yexuan’s heart ache even more. A man’s feelings were the easiest to manipulate. Under her scheme, An Yexuan’s thoughts could only be filled with her and her alone.

Thinking of the past in University T, Chu Fei’er’s expression changed from a trance to a dark gloom. After a while, she made a call and instructed someone to give her an anonymous number.

She used that number to call An Yexuan.

The moment the call went through, Chu Fei’er’s heart skipped a beat. So many years had passed. Did he not change his phone number all this time?

Logically speaking, after he returned to Tian Jing City, he should have changed his number in Ning An City.

An idea popped up in Chu Fei’er’s mind, which made her hand tremble. However, she ultimately suppressed her feelings. She, Chu Fei’er, had no feelings left in her after all that she had been through. She could only think for herself now.

An Yexuan was still anxiously looking for more information, trying to find out where Chu Fei’er was and whether she was well. His only thought was to find her.

The moment he found out that she was still alive, all the hate in his heart disappeared. It was as though the hatred that kept him going until now had been meaningless.

The moment his phone rang, An Yexuan’s body froze. This phone hadn’t rung in a very long time. After a while, he took out his phone and looked at the screen—it was an unknown number.

His heart sank as he answered the call.


“Yexuan, it’s me!”

The moment he heard her voice, An Yexuan’s mind almost blew apart. He was stunned, and his mind went blank. He did not know how to respond at all. After all these years, he still recognized this voice, which had been engraved deeply in his mind.

It was Chu Fei’er.

An Yexuan was so agitated that he almost lost his grip on his phone. The call was silent on both ends.

After a while, An Yexuan finally found his voice. His voice trembled as he asked, “Fei’er, is that you?”

“Yexuan, do you still remember me?”

An Yexuan could hear the choking voice on the other end of the line. He felt a sharp stab in his heart as he said, “Fei’er, you’re still alive. That’s great. Are you crying? Don’t cry. Where are you? I’ll come and find you.”

“No… No, Yexuan. I can’t meet you now… I…”

“Fei’er, what’s wrong?” The concern and anxiety in An Yexuan’s voice were obvious. He hated that he could not immediately fly to find Chu Fei’er.

“I… Yexuan… Don’t blame Bixue… Back then, I survived the fire… The fact that I could live is…”

An Yexuan could her agonized sobbing over the phone. His worry was beyond measure as he asked agitatedly, “Do you mean that Yun Bixue did this to you?”

“Yexuan, it’s all in the past. Really, I don’t blame her. It’s great that I’m still alive. But I have not fully recovered yet, that’s why I can’t meet you for now.”

An Yexuan was furious. “How can Yun Bixue be so wicked? She’s really the one behind this!”

On the other end of the line, Chu Fei’er was gloating. She was thrilled to know that she could still incite An Yexuan’s fury with just a few words.