Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 892

Chapter 892 Triggered

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Hearing the anger in An Yexuan’s voice, Chu Fei’er’s lips curled into a thin smile. Great, this was the effect she wanted.

Between fits of coughing, Chu Fei’er replied, “Yexuan, don’t be angry… I’m already contented that I’m still alive and have survived that fire. I don’t blame anyone…”

An Yexuan anxiously listened to her frail voice, but there was nothing he could do at all. “Fei’er, where are you? I’ll come and find you. How’s your condition now? I’ll take you to the best doctor for treatment.”

“I’m fine. I saw Yun Bixue’s wedding today. She was smiling so sweetly… We’re classmates after all, so I’ll still be happy for her!” Chu Fei’er was adept at tweaking her voice, making her sound vulnerable and helpless.

Of course, this was obviously to trigger An Yexuan.

He had always thought his girlfriend was dead and kept pining and searching for her all these years. That was the only thing that supported him and kept him going. Now, he suddenly found out that his girlfriend was still alive and even heard her voice. The kind of excitement and happiness he was feeling at the moment was indescribable.

However, his excitement and happiness were immediately deflated after hearing her coughs and weak voice. Feelings of heartache, sadness, and self-reproach surfaced in his heart and were on the verge of spilling out. He needed to vent these feelings out somehow. As such, An Yexuan once again directed all his fury to Yun Bixue.

“Fei’er, you’re too kind. The fact that you’re alive is what matters most. Whatever happens to Yun Bixue is none of our business.” At least for this moment, An Yexuan still had some sense of understanding in him. He thought that he could have really misunderstood Yun Bixue and had always put the blame on her. Deep down, he actually felt guilty about it.

However, this guilt could not be compared to the joy he felt from hearing Chu Fei’er’s voice.

Hearing An Yexuan’s words, Chu Fei’er’s expression turned dark instantly. She immediately faked a choking voice and said, “Yexuan, do you still have feelings for her? I don’t blame you. After all, you guys knew each other first. Even if she wanted to kill me, I would also…”

“Fei’er, what do you mean? Yun Bixue wanted to kill you?”

Chu Fei’er gritted her teeth and said while coughing, “Yeah. Yexuan, my condition is still not very good. I’m still recovering… Yexuan, I feel a little unwell. I’ll come and find you when I’m feeling better…” After coughing some more, she hung up the phone at once, never bothering to hear his reply.

Since she got too agitated, Chu Fei’er started to pant and put her hand over her chest. She stumbled over to find her heart medicine. After taking her pills, she could finally breathe normally and went to the bedroom to rest. After a while, her pale face started to regain its color.

She walked to the mirror and stared at her own reflection self-deprecatingly.

After the call ended, An Yexuan’s expression darkened. No matter how many times he tried to call back, the phone was always off. He wanted to ask someone to check the phone signal, but after a moment’s thought, he realized that if she wanted him to find her, she would not have waited for so many years.

As anxious as he felt, there was nothing he could do now.

Furthermore, this time, Chu Fei’er said that Yun Bixue was the one who harmed her. However, he no longer bore any hatred or murderous intent towards Yun Bixue. As long as Chu Fei’er was still alive, he could actually bury the hatchet for whatever happened in the past.

On the other hand, Chu Fei’er was also right. Why did she have to suffer so much while Yun Bixue lived a sweet and happy life? In any case, he and Yun Bixue could only be enemies. However, the most important thing to him now was to find Chu Fei’er and wait for her to come back.

Thinking about it, An Yexuan turned on the TV silently. He thought that he might look forward to seeing Yun Bixue’s face when she received that special wedding gift.

Ning An City was still bustling with activity. The performers formed long lines from start to end, and there were all kinds of performances going on. To the citizens, this was a feast for their eyes—they were unable to take their eyes off them.