Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 902

Chapter 902 Yun Bixues Sharp Words

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Yun Bixue’s tone was cold, and her gaze was icy too. She paused for a while before continuing, “Wang Qianjin just said that An Yexuan had intended to come personally. I bet he wanted to disrupt our wedding too. When Wang Qianjin told him about Chu Fei’er being still alive, he changed his mind and didn’t come.”

As she thought of An Yexuan, she felt an intense hatred welling up within her. She never wanted to bear any grudge against anyone, but An Yexuan had repeatedly tested her limits. He thought that she was one to be trifled with.

Yun Bixue said softly, “As soon as I arrive in Tian Jing City, the first family I will deal with is the An family.” It was all thanks to An Yexuan for provoking her again and again.

“Sure!” Xie Limo replied. As long as his wife wanted to do something, he would always support her.

An Yexuan had indeed gone overboard, and he couldn’t just go without giving him a taste of his own medicine.

Xie Limo shot Xie Jiu a glance.

Xie Jiu understood what he meant, and he slowly walked to the entrance.

Everyone’s attention was on the gift. How would a gift from the capital, Tian Jing City, look like? Everyone looked at it in great anticipation.

Of course, the crowd didn’t know exactly where the gift came from.

Xie Jiu walked forward to receive the gift.

However, that person refused to give it to Xie Jiu. Instead, he glanced at Yun Bixue and said, “This is for Young Master Xie and Young Madam. It’s a special gift, and the sender hopes that the two of them will open it personally.”

A cold and mocking curve appeared on Yun Bixue’s lips. She said loudly, “This is from the An family on behalf of Tian Jing City.”

“Yes, that’s right. We are from the An family. However, the two people behind me are from the Yellow House.” That person had simply intended to terrorize them by making that declaration.

Yun Bixue asked coldly, “Oh, really?” As she said this, her gaze became laced with murderous intent.

Xie Limo wanted to hold Yun Bixue back and step forward himself, but she turned to him and smiled radiantly, showing him that she could handle it herself.

Seeing the sly look in Yun Bixue’s eyes, Xie Limo heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that she must have planned to do something.

Xie Limo’s gaze was gentle as he said quietly, “Go and do anything that you want to. I’m here for you.”

Through those words, he meant to tell Yun Bixue that no matter how huge a mess she created, he would always settle it for her. Even if it wouldn’t end pleasantly, he would still clean the mess up.

Yun Bixue nodded. She had already planned out everything.

She picked up a glass of wine from a waiter’s tray and swirled it before walking towards that man.

With every step she took, everyone thought that the aura she emitted was overwhelming. That air of elegance was seemingly crushing everyone’s hearts.

When Yun Bixue was in front of that man, she offered the glass of wine to him. “Since you’re here to deliver the gift, why not drink this wine too?”

The man, who was still holding the box in his hands, answered indifferently, “I’m just here to deliver this gift on behalf of Tian Jing City. I’m not here to enjoy the banquet.”

“Oh? Since you don’t care about the banquet, it means you don’t care about our wedding too. So why are you here congratulating us? If Majesty Huang were around now, he will accept the drink that I will offer as the first lady of Ning An City. Are you, a mere subordinate, a bigger shot than Majesty Huang?”

As Yun Bixue spoke, her voice raised an octave and sounded ice-cold.

The man froze. Those words made him stunned speechless. He immediately became alarmed, his forehead breaking out in a cold sweat. The last person he could afford to offend and disrespect was Majesty Huang. If Majesty Huang were to hear of this, he would lose his life.