Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 903

Chapter 903 Shocking Aura

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Looking at Yun Bixue’s provocative gaze, the man’s face turned as ashen as the grey suit he was wearing. The corners of Yun Bixue’s lips turned up into a confrontational smirk, as though she was giving him back all the imposing air that he had shown her earlier.

The man in a grey suit was called Liu Ping, and he was Young Master An’s subordinate in Tian Jing City. Because of his status, many people had to show him respect. He had grown used to throwing his weight and ordering people around, so naturally, he was not intimidated by Yun Bixue.

Liu Ping didn’t know many things and had no idea that Ning An City secretly housed a lot of talented individuals.

After hearing Yun Bixue’s words, he was so stunned that he couldn’t even respond.

While still holding the glass of wine, Yun Bixue shot Liu Ping a cold glare. Her stern aura radiated around her, engulfing Liu Ping’s entire being.

He remained the focus of her attention. Her gaze was fixated on him, as though she wanted to unleash all her imposing aura on him.

Yun Bixue sniggered and raised her voice. “Since you refused to speak, it means that I’m right. I believe that Majesty Huang will deal with this matter later. After all, a lowly subordinate had dared to insult Majesty Huang. How impudent!”

Those words were a huge blow to Liu Ping, and he was stupefied instantly. He couldn’t even catch his breath.

He glared daggers at Yun Bixue, desperately wanting to kill her.

“Why? Are you offended? Or are you not satisfied with Majesty Huang?” Yun Bixue’s tone sounded carefree as she looked at Liu Ping calmly.

She knew that he was An Yexuan’s subordinate. Even a lowly staff like him had tried to bring her down, that was why she decided to let An Yexuan and everyone else know that she wasn’t an easy target. She would start with his subordinates and show him what she was capable of.

At the same time, she wanted to show the forces in Tian Jing City, who were itching to act against them, that she had never been soft and weak. When cornered, she would also fight back without any hesitation.

Xie Limo had long arranged for his subordinates to surround Yun Bixue to protect her. His gaze was filled with praise for her as he looked at her intently. This woman was, indeed, his wife.

At that moment, the light she gave off glowed brightly, and it was a sight that was hard to ignore. Xie Limo’s heart turned soft as his gaze filled with indulgence.

His wife could also surprise him in this way too. She could handle such a scene that he didn’t need to worry at all. She could be so sharp with her words, and it made him very happy.

Liu Ping was so beaten that his heart burned with rage. He glared at Yun Bixue furiously and yelled, “Yun Bixue, you’re so cruel!”

Yun Bixue delivered a tight slap on Liu Ping’s face. A loud and crisp sound reverberated as her hand landed on his cheek. The guests at the banquet, the reporters, as well as the citizens crowding around all gasped in shock.

Deep down, they couldn’t help but give Yun Bixue a thumbs up—she was strong indeed! She had even dared to slap someone from Tian Jing City!

At the same time, they also thought about how everyone had said that the last person that they should ever offend was Miss Yun. Indeed, she was powerful and charismatic. It was so shocking to see her offend someone from the capital.

After being slapped so strongly, Liu Ping was disoriented. He was so surprised that he had lost his mind. Before he even snapped out of his shock, Yun Bixue had already presented him with the glass of wine. “Are you going to drink this or not? Do you think that you’re way above this glass of wine and can disregard everyone beneath you?”

Liu Ping clenched his jaw and snatched the wine from her. After gulping it down, he smashed the glass on the floor. The sound of the glass shattering sounded and echoed through everyone’s hearts. He said begrudgingly, “Good for you, Ning An City. Good for you, Yun Bixue.”

Yun Bixue crossed her arms. Seeing how furious Liu Ping looked, she said, “You’re just a subordinate, but you had the nerve to be so rude and attack me verbally. If the judges and police were here, they would also agree that you’re wrong.”