Rich Young Mistress: Young Master Xie's Dearest Beloved Wife Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Lacking Management

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An Yexuan’s handsome face revealed a hint of shock and fear. His glare was fixed on the person before him as he could not believe what he had just heard.

Seeing Young Master An’s fury, Liu Er’s heart trembled in fear. His forehead broke out in a cold sweat, not daring to repeat what he had just said.

Initially, Young Master An had a bright and sunny personality and treated everyone nicely. However, after that Miss Chu disappeared, Young Master An became moody and unpredictable. During that time, he was mostly silent, but now, it was the first time that Young Master An had gotten so angry.

That was why Liu Er could not react in time and was somewhat dumbstruck.

An Yexuan was so angry that he slammed his hand on the table and said, “Say it!”

The sound of the slamming and the vibration of the table shook Liu Er and brought him back to his senses. He braced himself and said, “Young Master An, when we went to send the wedding ‘gift’ this afternoon…” Liu Er could only spill the truth about the situation in a detailed manner again.

After he said that, he felt that his back was almost drenched. It was autumn now, but he felt like it was summer as he was sweating nonstop.

An Yexuan swung his hand and swept all the books and pens off the desk, producing loud crashing sounds. He did not care about them and only shouted in anger, “Well done, Liu Ping! So that’s how he handled the matter I tasked him to do! What a great subordinate of mine!”

An Yexuan was at a loss of what else he could say. He got so angry that he felt dizzy and saw black spots. He clenched his fists and slammed them on the table again and again. Even then, it could not calm the fury in his heart.

Furthermore, what Liu Ping did immediately pushed the An family to the center of public fury. Not only that, but things were even more complicated with regards to Majesty Huang.

An Yexuan felt like everything was a mess now. He had a lot of things on his plate already, and now, with all these added on, he felt even more vexed.

Liu Er secretly wiped away his sweat. Luckily, Young Master An did not vent his anger on him.

After a while, An Yexuan instructed in a cold and menacing tone, “Call Liu Ping over.”


When Liu Ping came in, he bowed and kept his head down, not daring to look at An Yexuan in the eye. He said in a careful and respectable tone, “Young Master An, you called for me?”

An Yexuan stared at Liu Ping with a sharp and murderous glare. “Liu Ping, you’re really brazen. Even I won’t dare to say what you’ve just said. You actually said it aloud so shamelessly. Do you think that being in the An family is not good enough for you, huh?”

Hearing An Yexuan’s cold and furious tone, Liu Ping trembled involuntarily. He looked up at him in shock and answered, “Young Master An, I… I just can’t stand how Yun Bixue…” Actually, he did not know why he had spilled out all the words in his heart. He felt that it must have been incited by Yun Bixue.

Liu Ping was about to explain further, but An Yexuan took a book from the shelf behind him and threw it at his head.

When the book hit Liu Ping’s head, he almost fell to the floor as he said in astonishment, “Young Master An?” Before this, Young Master An trusted him the most—he would let him handle situations similar to this. He could not believe that Young Master An treated him in this manner.

Seeing how Liu Ping was caught up in anger and bitterness, An Yexuan suddenly felt like laughing. His gaze, however, remained dark and dangerous. “Liu Ping, did you stay in the An family for too long that you have forgotten your last name? Who do you think you are? You really think you’re a member of the An family?”

An Yexuan had totally not expected that a mere subordinate of his could even show him dissatisfaction and bitterness. It looks like he had really been too slack with his management of the An family.